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Sacrilege - Season 1 - Episode 27
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Deolu faced Lukman. “I would be back in a few minutes, when I get back; I don’t want to see my mother in this house.”

Mrs. Aderigbe’s eyes snapped up. “You are sending me out of your house?”
“The next time you step foot into my house, I would be sending you out of my life permanently” Deolu retorted. “You’ve brought nothing but misery to my life, mum, and frankly, if not for Laura, I would have done this a long time ago” he frowned deeply. “I thought you had changed… I honestly thought you had stopped being the self-centered heartless woman you always were” he shook his head. “I guess I was wrong. Some people can never change”

As mean as Deolu knew his mother to be, he had been shocked at her heartlessness towards Laura. For Laura’s sake, he had tolerated his mother, but no more.

Mrs. Aderigbe swallowed as a dry smile coated her face. “The same goes for your wife. How do you expect a barren woman to change into a fruitful one?” she raised her finely arched brow. “Believe it or not, leaving this house is the most sensible thing Laura has done since she came into your life, sooner or later, you would realize that you are better off without her.”

Deolu’s eyes flashed with fury as his fists folded in anger but he held back the retort hanging on the tip of his lips, not wanting to say something he would later regret. He turned to Lukman. “I don’t want to see her here when I return” he hissed through clenched teeth before storming out of the house.


Laura stared at Margaret for a long moment. She’d be damned if she knew what to say to her. It had been such an awfully long time; did Margaret actually feel she could just waltz into her office like six years had been nothing but six days? Laura tried to ignore the little girl that couldn’t be more than one year old, who tried to break free from Margaret’s hold. Laura’s chest ached. She had heard two years ago from Jane that Margaret had gotten married. How was it that Margaret had a child to show off after just two years of marriage and she was childless and on the verge of a divorce after six good years in marri

Laura swallowed, pushing herself back to a sitting position. “Margaret” she finally answered Margaret’s greeting.

Jane stared from one sister to the other. “This is cozy” she muttered with a dry smile. “Okay, I think I would leave you two alone”

“Don’t” Laura snapped hurriedly. Her eyes returned coldly to Margaret. “Margaret wouldn’t be staying long”
Margaret rolled her eyes. “Listen, if not for Jane, I surely wouldn’t be here, so you can stop licking up your wounds big sister, it is not like I have been dying to see you”

“Why are you here then?” Laura snapped. “Last time I checked, dad banned you from having anything to do with me, so why are you here?” Laura laughed bitterly. “Don’t tell me you suddenly turned disobedient overnight”
Margaret shook her head. “And here I was thinking the little episode with Deolu had probably thought you a lesson. If you had listened to dad and married Collins, all these wouldn’t have happened”
Jane looked on in confusion.

Laura jumped out of her chair, stalking forward. “Oh, sorry ‘daddy’s pet’” Laura’s eyes flashed with anger. “I’m sorry I have a mind of my own and have the full capacity to choose to marry whoever I want to marry” Laura folded her arm against her b0s0m. “Well, I heard you got married to Collins, is he such a terrible husband that you wish I had married him instead?”

Margaret’s eyes blazed in anger. “I married Collins and I have Tess to show for that” she smiled at the beautiful little kid she held so firmly before giving Laura a mock smile. “What do you have to show after marrying the man you love?”
The words hit Laura like a blazing knife on a wounded skin. “Can you both stop this?” Jane yelled into the sudden silence but no one seemed to notice her. Laura swallowed. She refused to allow Margaret see how much she had hurt her.

“Get out of my office” she said in a deceptively silent voice.
Margaret shrugged, pulling her child as she turned to leave. She got to the door then paused. “By the way, congratulations on the child” she smiled coldly. “You would be a great stepmother” she dropped and left.

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