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Sacrilege - Season 1 - Episode 26
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Jane pulled back, grinning. “Wait till you see who I brought with me” she muttered.
Laura frowned. “You came with someone?” she asked, glancing at the entrance, only then noticing that the door had been left ajar all along.
“Sister Margaret”

Laura froze. All semblance of a smile vanished from her face as a figure moved into view. Her heart nearly stopped as she saw the only sibling that stood between herself and Jane. The one sibling that does only what daddy tells her to do. The one sibling that she hadn’t seen since her father sent her out of the house for choosing Deolu.

Margaret moved fully into the office, and just then, Laura saw the little hand clutching her sister’s hand. Laura’s heart nearly stopped as she saw a tiny replica of her sister. Margaret stared straight at Laura. “Hello sister”


Deolu turned off the engine of his car. He hadn’t been home for days and it amazed him just how much he had allowed people to invade his home. Laura’s words danced in his head, making his head bang. Never! He would never break the ties that bound him to the woman he loved. He had been asleep for so long, allowing strangers invade his home and dictate the tune, but not anymore. He had promised Laura that he would fight for them and the one thing that would never change about him was that he held his promises as dearly as he held life itself.

Remembering that he wasn’t alone, Deolu glanced at the guy seated beside him. It was his makeshift driver – Lukman. Opening his door, Deolu muttered. “Let’s go”. Lukman alighted together with Deolu and they both made for the house. Deolu stepped into the familiar, yet unfamiliar house. What he would give to have his home back! Mrs. Aderigbe came out of the guests’ room. She was fully dressed. Teju was nowhere in sight and Deolu was momentarily grateful for that.

Mrs. Aderigbe smiled at her son. “I knew you would be back” she said, smiling. “Oo kin se omo ale” (you are not a bastard) her face creazed in a satisfied smile.
Deolu opened his mouth to speak but the words got stuck in his throat. Not that it mattered though because his mother made sure she filled the space with words. “Sooner or later Adeolu, you would forgive me and realize that this is all for your own good”

Deolu took a deep breath. “Where is Teju?”
Mrs. Aderigbe shrugged. “She should be in here somewhere”

Deolu nodded. He turned to Lukman who stood silently beside him, pretending to mind his business. He stretched his car keys towards Lukman who took it dutifully. He should have done this a long time ago but he hadn’t. His mother was the leading cause of the issues he’s had with Laura for the past six years. Her constant badgering and pressure had led to this chaos and a part of him wanted to blame all that was happening on his mother, knowing full well that if it hadn’t been for her, Teju would probably not be carrying his baby now. But no, he was not in the habit of blaming his failures and problems on others.

Deolu faced Lukman. “I would be back in a few minutes, when I get back; I don’t want to see my mother in this house.”

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