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Sacrilege - Season 1 - Episode 25
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Laura bit her lips hard as tears blurred her eyes, rolling down her cheeks. She wondered if there would ever be an end to her tears. She had been pretending to be all brave… pretending she wasn’t as affected as she actually was, but it had taken only one visit from Deolu to pull down her walls. She had known it was not a good idea to see Deolu just yet, that was why she had avoided him for as long as possible. But this day was going to come sooner or later.

How did they find themselves in this mess? She tried to stop the usual bout of self blame but she couldn’t help but wonder if she was actually responsible for what was going on. Had she not been a good enough wife? Was she not enough to satisfy her husband that he had to turn to another woman? Was she to blame for pushing her husband out into the arms of another woman? Maybe if she had given him a child or two, he wouldn’t have thought of experimenting another woman.
She should never have kissed him. The kiss he gave her told her clearly that Deolu loved her but she couldn’t help but wonder if Teju had also felt the same way when she was busy making love with her husband. Laura shook her head and swallowed hard as pain stabbed at her heart. She had done all she knew she could to be a good wife to Deolu. She had put up with his mean mother, harboring the hope that Mrs. Aderigbe would one day accept her. She had gone against her father’s blatant rejection of Deolu, just because she loved Deolu. So why? Why should she be the one to go through so much pain?

A knock snapped her out of her reverie and her head snapped up. Honestly, she was not ready to see any other person. The door opened slightly and Laura’s secretary entered anxiously.

“Ma’am” she called and Laura looked up at her. “Someone is here to see you” her voice came out cautiously and Laura couldn’t help but feel guilty for putting the lady in an uncomfortable position.

“I’m not ready to see anyone” Laura answered automatically.
“Its… it’s your sister”
Laura stilled.

“And I don’t need an introduction” the door flung wide open and Jane bounced in. it took a moment for Laura to recognize her baby sister. It had been two years since Laura saw her troublesome kid sister. She hadn’t seen her since she got admitted into the University of Ilorin and though they had kept in touch on phone; Laura was taken aback at the changes she saw in her sister.
“Sis” Jane pitched as she bounced round the office table, giving her sister an awkward bear hug. She kissed Laura’s cheek. “I’ve missed you, big sister” she said grinning.

All Laura’s problem vanished in an instant as she stood up. “Jane” she called in surprise, still stunned at her sister’s grown up look.

“In flesh and blood” Jane answered, grinning.

“Oh my God” she pulled her sister into her arms, hugging her as tight as she could.
Jane groaned, wriggling free from Laura’s hold. Her face pulled together as she feigned pain. “Dear God, I think you’ve broken my bones”

Laura ignored that. “Look at you. C’mon, give mummy the classic whirl”

Jane made a slow s£[email protected] turn that made Laura laugh out loud. God! It felt good to laugh again. She hugged her sister again, this time a bit gentler. “I’ve missed you so much” she m0aned. She couldn’t tell just how much she missed the one connection she had with her own family. The one person who hadn’t deserted her because she chose to be happy with the one she loved. It felt a little weird to see Jane all grown up. What was she eating in school? Laura mentally noted that she was already eighteen years old, but to Laura, Jane would always be a kid.

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