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Sacrilege - Season 1 - Episode 23
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For a moment there, everything seemed to fade away… the hurt, the pain, the unexpected stab of betrayal… it all faded away as Deolu’s scent engulfed her nostrils, his familiar feel awakened her hands and try as she may, she couldn’t hold back. She relaxed involuntarily, welcoming the knowing touch of her husband as she kissed him back. Life felt whole and complete again as her hands travelled up Deolu’s face, allowing his beards tickle her soft palms.

The kiss grew deeper and more intense as the flames of passion crackled and burned bright. Deolu’s hands swept to her full naturally spongy hair and she whimpered into his mouth, rising on tiptoes and fitting her body to his like a perfectly sized shoe. For a moment there, Laura couldn’t remember exactly what had gone wrong between them; it was just like the past six days had never happened. For a moment, she forgot about Teju, the baby and Deolu’s painful betrayal… she forgot everything but the feel of her husband and the feelings he evoked in her.

Deolu ended the kiss slowly and pulled back enough to stare deep into Laura’s eyes. There and then, everything came back to Laura, the pain, the hurt… her lips tingled from the kiss and she wished he had never kissed her again, it only made it even more painful. It only reminded her of what she would be losing the moment she pulled through with the divorce. She would be losing her husband, her lover… but most of all, she would be losing her friend. She blinked back tears but couldn’t prevent a tears drop from cascading down her hot cheek. Deolu kissed it away as he cradled her cheek with his palm. “I am not giving you a divorce, Laura” he said quietly. “I made you a promise of forever and I am not backing down on my promise. I will fight for us. I wouldn’t give up on us, I promise, love” Deolu kissed Laura’s forehead. “I promise”

Laura stared mutely at him. She didn’t think she could talk without bursting out in tears. Her throat ached from holding tears at bay. Deolu kissed her forehead lingeringly, and then let her go. He turned and walked out of the office.


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