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Sacrilege - Season 1 - Episode 21
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Laura sat behind her office table, achieving absolutely nothing. She never should have come. Her brain just couldn’t concentrate on anything. She had yelled at her innocent staff over and over till her throat got sore. She felt bad, really bad that she was transferring her pain and aggression in innocent people.
Noise drifted to her ears until suddenly, the door to her office flew open. Her heart skipped several beats as she saw the last person she wanted to see.

“Please ma” her secretary pleaded tearfully. “I told him not to come in, but… but”

Deolu filled the office entrance as Laura’s secretary shook uncontrollably. “Please ma… Please don’t sack me”

“Leave us” Deolu ordered, his eyes not wavering from Laura’s.

Laura felt glued to her seat as Deolu stepped further into the room. Her secretary refused to leave as she stared at her, pleading continuously. “Leave” she finally mouthed.
Her eyes drifted to her system as she tried to assumed a nonchalant attitude. It wasn’t working. Her fingers were shaking and try as she may, she could not ignore the compelling of her husband in the office. She heard the door close and felt rather than heard Deolu move closer. His scent drifted to her and her fingers twitched. As painful as it was, she missed him. Maybe the betrayal wouldn’t be so painful if she didn’t love him so much. She had been avoiding him for days, with Tito acting as her defense but she couldn’t avoid him forever.

“Hi” Deolu’s deep voice resonated.
Laura raised her eyes, staring wordlessly at Deolu. He looked slightly leaner than before. His eyes looked disturbed, as they roamed over her face. “I’ve been worried about you”

Laura nodded. “What do you want?”
“I…” his throat worked as he swallowed. “You got wounded. I just want to know you’re okay”. Deolu pulled closer, moving around the table.

“Stay away” Laura jumped up, moving behind her seat and holding it as a shield. She was scared… She was scared she wouldn’t be able to resist him. Scared he would beg for forgiveness and she would give it to him.
Deolu paused. Laura could see that her retreat hurt him but she didn’t care anymore. “Please Laura… I just want to see your wrist.”

“Why?” she snapped. “Would you make it better? Even if you can, can you reduce the pain I feel inside?” she yelled. “You can’t right? Because you did this. You hurt me.” she bellowed and try as she may, her tears rolled down her cheeks. “I gave you all I have… I gave you all of me… and you betrayed me. How could you?” she yelled. “How… How…” she sobbed, crouching as pain weakened her legs.

Tears fell from Deolu’s eyes as he moved closer to Laura. “I’m sorry, Laura… please… please forgive me”

Laura shook her head as Deolu crouched before her. “I can’t, don’t you understand? I can’t” she swallowed as she looked at Deolu through her tears.

“I love you, Laura… I love only you… It was all a stupid mistake. Please believe me” tears fell from Deolu’s eyes as he pleaded.
Laura jumped to her feet. “How can you do this to me if you truly love me” she looked incredulously at Deolu. “Is it because… because I don’t have a child? Because I’m barren”

Deolu grew pale as he straightened. “No… you’re not. Please don’t say that”
Laura shook her head. “So how come Teju is pregnant and I’m not?” she asked as tears fell from her eyes. “How come a supposed mistake got her pregnant when I haven’t had a miscarriage for six years, uhn?” it hurt to voice out her pain. It hurt beyond measure to state the obvious. She had always envisaged a complete family with children that looked just like Deolu, but the harsh reality was that Deolu was about to have a child, only the child wasn’t coming from her. Laura felt her heart crush all over again as she stared at Deolu. She knew what she had to do but it was the hardest thing to do. She shook her head, closed her eyes, and took a deep breath before opening them. She stared through her tears at Deolu. “I want a divorce.” she dropped.

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