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Sacrilege - Season 1 - Episode 20
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Teju stared unseeing at the movie being displayed on the large sitting room television. Her mind remained locked on the situation she was in. Each day that passed by made it seem less precarious, but every time her eyes strayed to the romantic pictures of Laura and Deolu hanging in strategic places in the house, she couldn’t but feel like a total home wrecker.

Thanks to God, Deolu’s mother finally gave Teju a breathing space by going out to visit a friend. Teju could totally use the silence without having the woman fuss over her unnecessarily. But still, as odd and unbearable as the situation was, it was still better than going back to her apartment. Her apartment always had a way of making her feel depressed, but more to the fact, she couldn’t stand seeing the mattress where it all went down. Seeing the mattress where she had shattered what was left of her dignity would surely drive her closer to insanity than she already was.

Her hand strayed to her flat tummy. Was it her imagination or did her tummy feel bigger than normal? She swallowed as her eyes watered. Not withstanding the drama, she felt a small thrill. Finally, she would have someone she could call her own; someone she could shower her love on without being scared that the love would not be reciprocated. How perfect would it be… to also have a husband… To build a family and have all the happiness she never had? Her friend had told her to s£duce Deolu, and as terrible as that sounded, how could she even do that when Deolu hadn’t shown up for days?

A knock jolted Teju out of her reverie and she frowned. Mrs Aderigbe would definitely not knock it she was the one. She pushed to her feet, pasted a small welcoming smile on her face as she walked over to the door and pushed it open.

Her smile vanished immediately she saw the person at the door.

“Thought so” Tito said dryly, brushing past Teju into the apartment that she always knew to be Laura’s matrimonial home.

Teju closed the door quietly behind her. She felt tongue-tied as she stared at Laura’s cousin. Being under the same roof with Tito had never been something she fancied. “Laura is not here”

Tito slanted her a bored look. “Of course, she isn’t. You made certain of that, didn’t you, s--t?”

“Don’t call me that”
“I’d call you whatever I want, s--t” Tito snapped, snarling at Teju.

Teju swallowed, blinking rapidly. “Tito, I know we have never gotten along… but believe me, it wasn’t my intention to-”
“Oh shut up and spare me the drama” Tito boomed, approaching Teju with her eyes flashing angrily. “Don’t think you can fool me with your watery eyes and shaky voice, I’m not an idiot. I have never been a fan of marriage but I loved Deolu and Laura together. I was beginning to think I was wrong but you ruined it all”

Teju blinked, still, the tears rolled down her cheeks, hot colourless balls making a wet patch on the top of her blouse. “It was a mistake”

Tito hissed. “Tell that to the blind, you pretentious snake. I always told Laura you couldn’t be trusted but she was nonethewise. She also fell for your innocent face and too-nice-to-be-true attitude. Well babe, newsflash; you don’t fool me, I’ve always seen through you. You messed with my cousin, now, you are going to have to face me. I don’t care about you and I don’t give a d--n about whatever it is you are carrying. No one tampers with what’s mine and goes scot free.”

Teju froze. “Are you threatening me?”
Tito smiled. “Threat?” she chuckled. “Threats are for kids, my darling, I make promises”. She said, marching into the masters bedroom and returning a few seconds later holding Laura’s car keys. She glared at Teju as she made for the door. “Watch your back”


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