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Sacrilege - Season 1 - Episode 19
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Laura walked the small compound of Laurigs Productions, her head held high and her heels clicking metallically to her rhythmic steps. From the weird sympathetic look on the security guard’s face to the nervous stares she got from her staff, she could see just how fast and wild gossips could spread. Especially with the way her disgrace was washed over her in public glare like a bucket of cold urine, her destroyed marriage was probably the hottest gist of every wagging lips. Tito was right. She wasn’t ready for this. She wasn’t ready to go back to work. But if she had to wait till she was ready, she would have to sleep in bed for centuries because never would she get over the ravaging pain she was feeling.

Dragging on the air of courage, Laura squared her shoulders and bounced into the building, not bothering to adorn her face with a pretentious smile, no doubt it would look faker than Barbie’s cartoon beauty. Her staff showed surprise at seeing her as they greeted her somewhat awkwardly.

Like a boss, she walked briskly towards her office, knowing fully well that her staff, loyal as they supposedly were, would have munched on her shattered marriage like a pack of tasty plantain chips. She returned their uncertain looks with glares enough to make them squirm. Gathering all her wits, Laura approached her secretary, who stood awkwardly, unable to meet her gaze.

“Welcome ma, erm, Mrs Rigs” Sola had always called her Mrs Rigs before now but why did it sound exaggerated now? It was certainly her askew mind. She really shouldn’t be at work today.

“I want details of all that I’ve missed for the past five days in my office in ten minutes.” she snapped, not bothering to respond to the greeting. Her temper seemed to be on the rise since she stepped into her company. “Is the design for D&G’s ad ready?”

Sola shook her head, a bit jittery. “They are still working on it, ma”

“For how long?” she barked. “How long does it take to develop a simple concept? I want the creative director in my office in thirty minutes” she marched towards her office, stopping fractionally. “One more thing. If you make the mistake of letting Deolu into my office, I’d be letting you into the unemployment cycle. Do you understand?”

Sola had never looked so pale as she bobbed her head awkwardly. “Y… yes ma”
Laura entered her office and slammed the door against its hinges.


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