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Sacrilege - Season 1 - Episode 14
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His eyes immediately snapped to the bed, the last place he had seen Laura a few hours ago. The sight of the bed had him freezing at the entrance as a coldness washed over him.

“I came here to talk to her…” Teju explained behind him. “I wanted to tell her that she should take it all out on me not you… But I found… Oh God, Deolu, what have we done?”

Deolu’s face was as pale as sheet as he finally moved towards the bed, focusing on the sight before him. The mattress was a mess, with some of its foam poking out of the cover, but that was not what held their worry. There was a pool of blood on the mattress, a bloody knife and a badly damaged picture. Deolu heart beat louder that a village drum as he made his way round the bed. Laura was nowhere around. He dashed for the bathroom, still there was no sign of Laura. He hand shook slightly as he went back to the bed and took the bloody picture in his hand. It was one of their wedding pictures, the one Laura and Deolu had taken together with Teju and Chris. In the picture, Chris stood beside Laura while Teju stayed glued to Deolu’s side. Laura had apparently stabbed the images of Deolu and Teju over and over.

Tears blurred Deolu’s eyes as he raised his eyes to a crying Teju. “Oh my God”. What was going on? Automatically, his legs started moving as he stormed out of the room. Laura was badly injured and he needed to get to her before she lost too much blood. She must have hurt herself in her rage and with the blood he saw on the bed, he didn’t want to imagine what would happen if she didn’t get help as soon as possible.

He was in the sitting room in no time. His mother didn’t move an inch from her place on the couch as her eyes remained glued to the TV set. “I don’t know what all the fuss is about, Laura is fully capable of taking care of herself” she muttered drily.

Teju wondered what had happened to make Mrs Aderigbe so cold. Deolu didn’t even have the luxury to give his mother a thought as he flew out of the house, going round the compound in search of Laura even though Teju said she had done that.

Chris charged past the gateman into Deolu’s compound looking furiously murderous. Deolu emerged from the back of the house with lines of worry etched on his forehead. His gaze hadn’t registered Chris’ presence when Chris aimed a weighty punch right at his nose.

“What the-” Deolu swore, gripping his nose as his eyes snapped up in an instant. His gaze settled on a snarling Chris.

“I told you… I warned you never to maltreat Laura” Chris drawled through clenched teeth. The fire of fury burned bright in his eyes as he grabbed Deolu by the collar of his shirt. “How could you?”
“Jesus, man, I don’t need this right now” Deolu barked angrily. His broken nose wasn’t even nearly as painful as the pain in his heart.

“Oh, what do you need? A fresh pair of thighs? Or Teju’s own is just laced with honey” Chris spat.
“Shut your d--n mouth” Deolu barked, jerking forcefully out of Chris grip. He didn’t need Chris ringing a peel on his head over this, he was doing a pretty good job of it himself. “You would have ample time to beat me to a pulp later but not now”
Chris snarled at Deolu, shaking his head. “You are so shameless, aren’t you? How can you and Teju…” Teju emerged behind Deolu and Chris’ eyes instantly snapped towards her. “Tell me you slept here! Where were you both doing back there? Backyard quicky?”

Shame washed over Teju as she took a deep calming breath. “You two are supposed to be friends ‘without benefits’! Jeez… God knows Laura doesn’t deserve this from you; she doesn’t deserve this from either of you!” Chris shook his head looking disgusted.
“I know I blew it, Chris, but let me find Laura first, okay?” Deolu yelled, jerking out of Chris’s hold.

That seemed to shut Chris up for a brief moment. Teju sneaked away, too ashamed to stay before Chris’s condemning eyes. “Where’s she?”

Deolu broke away, storming towards his car. “If you would give me enough breathing space, maybe I’d find out”.

Chris marched behind Deolu wishing he could punch him over and over, maybe it would get rid of the anger that he was feeling. But if the tense state of Deolu’s shoulders were anything to go by, he could only hope Laura was alright

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