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Sacrilege - Season 1 - Episode 12
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It had been an hour since the tires of Deolu’s car rolled out violently from the compound, and yet, Deolu was not back. Teju looked down at the compound from the vantage point of Deolu’s sitting room. She could still see the party chairs at the other end of the compound. The stage, which she hadn’t noticed earlier was beautifully decorated and the softness of the decoration was pronounced in the colours used to enhance the seats of the celebrants. The floor all over was littered and unkempt and several plates of unfinished food were hanging all over. Teju swallowed hard. The marks of her betrayal was scattered all over the compound; she could almost envision the feet of the guests as they rushed out of the compound; their mouths as they gossiped the disaster which had just taken place. She didn’t think she would be able to wipe that thought off her mind. Even as silence deafened her ears, slightly doused by the gentle hum of the air conditioner, her brain was clogged with thoughts. But even the cold air emanating from the air conditioner couldn’t dry up the tears that rolled down her eyes and the beads of sweat on her forehead.

Teju walked away from the window, wiping at her tears with her right hand. How on earth had she found herself in this mess? This wasn’t the way she expected her life to turn out. At no point in time did she imagine that she would be a backstabber and carrier of bad news. She had always tried to be at peace with everyone. She valued her friends better than she valued her own self, but what did she do? She let her emotions get the better of her. She allowed her hormones destroy everything she held dear; her name and reputation, her dreams and… most especially, her relationship with Laura and Deolu. If only she had held back that night… if only she had had the strength to prevent it from happening… but she hadn’t. no! She had wanted it to happen…

Finding out she was pregnant had been her worst nightmare, but nothing compared to the hurt she saw on Deolu and Laura’s face today. It had been like a blazing hot knife, piercing through her soul. She’d wish for death a thousand times over, just so she could forget the look on Laura’s face; the look on the faces of everyone there. And here she stood, in the room meant for Deolu and Laura. Teju swallowed and stared at her stomach… at the one tiny thing that posed a mighty mountain, tearing this family apart.

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