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Sacrilege - Season 1 - Episode 10
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Deolu walked away from the guest’s room, heading towards the sitting room. His head thumped at the same rate with his racing heart. He couldn’t push away the sight of Laura dejected form from his memory. Her haunted expression was all he saw whenever he blinked. He felt her pain like they were his, how could he have inflicted so much pain on someone he loved and cared about? Just the thought of the impact this would have on his marriage was enough to send his head banging with renewed force. He winced sightly as he arrived at the sitting room and froze when he saw the person before him.
Teju sat there, at the edge of the sitting room couch, staring at her laps. Tears stained her cheeks as she continuously smoothed imaginary rumples from the jumpsuit she had on. Deolu felt a knife pierce through his soul. His stupidity had cost him so much. It had cost him everything he held dear. He had known Teju for so long; virtually all his life, she was almost like family; like a little sister he was always inclined to protect. Only, she was not his sister. She was the daughter of his mother’s close friend. They had attended the same primary and secondary school. University had driven them slightly apart, being in different institutions, but after being reunited after about five years apart, they picked up their friendship like five years had been nothing more than five days.

Teju had never had it easy, the more reason why Deolu felt protective of her. She had been through hell in the hands of men who had toyed with her heart and left her hanging. All she ever wanted was a family, one she could hold dear. She didn’t deserve this. She really shouldn’t be going through this.

Deolu swallowed hard but the lump in his throat seemed stuck. How could he have hurt the two women he held dear above all else? Just one night of foolishness… one night of defiling reason had landed everyone in a mess so thick, everyone would sink trying to get out.

Deolu turned slightly, dreading this confrontation and seeking a means of escape. Teju raised her head in time and their eyes connected. She jumped up instantly, taking a small step back though there was so much space between them already. The tears on Teju’s face tore at Deolu. The sight of women in tears in tears was disconcerting enough but when the woman happened to be Laura or Teju, it was near unbearable. They stared at each other for some seconds, both unable to find the right words.

“Your mum is in the kitchen” Teju finally murmured as she wiped her face slightly.
Deolu nodded. Honestly, he couldn’t tell what he would do if he had to face his mother now. He had never had a great relationship with his mum and she always made the little relationship they had worse. “Teju…”
“I didn’t want this, I swear it, Deolu” Teju rushed. “Your mother found out about the pregnancy from my mum and forced me to come here… I promise, Deolu… It was never my intention to do this” tears slipped out of her eyes. Deolu swallowed. “I never meant to hurt you like this… or Laura” she shifted impatiently. “I… I mean, Laura is also my friend and I would never intentionally hurt her” Her tears seemed to flow more as she stared wide eyed at Deolu.

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