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S-x And The City - Season 1 - Episode 211
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The next day I took my wallet and told my wife to be that am coming let me go to bank, I have to take a bike to auchi because our doesn’t have any bank yet, I took a bike to auchi and stop at AP filling station, I went to unity bank opposite the filling station around 10 A.M, I wanted to use ATM but they said the ATM is not working so I had to go inside to withdraw, I enter inside and saw lots of crowd which I have been hiding from, to be on the safe side I make sure my face is always down to prevent drawing attention but what I didn’t know is that the bank has CCTV everywhere, I know they will be monitoring me so I was in a haste, I took my withdrawal slip and fill the form, I quickly return to the long line and started waiting for like thirty minutes, I waited for more than thirty minutes still yet the line is just like it was from the beginning, the moment I saw a two security operative talking to each others I reckoned that something is wrong, I put the withdrawal slip on my bag and bend my head down, I gently walk away from the line and as I was heading to the door as expected a security personnel stop me saying.

“bros you no withdraw again?”
“the line too long oga and I dey hurry” I replied him.

“relax wait small the line go reduce we done go call another cashier she go soon reach here” he said and as he was talking his buddy came to meet us as if they want to force me to stay, I didn’t want to cause any scene because I know their game, they might have recognize me and they are just keeping me here until the police come, so I gently walk back to the line and started thinking on what to do, I saw the camera gently placed on my side and if I don’t do something now and allow the police to get here then am in for a lot of trouble, I don’t know what to do as the security guys keep looking at me and even the camera are fixed on me, my mind was beating very fast and am starting to get scared, I remember who I was the master of mischief how can I be scared, they are just a security operatives with no gun, before the men with gun come I better do something, I have my right and they can’t keep me here so with anger I left the line and walk back to the door, the security guy wanted to stop me again I blow him on his face with so many people watching I press the exit door button, I enter the door and when I came outside I saw a mopol man pointing his gun at me and when I saw him I quickly hold the hand of another lady coming out through the other door, I used her to cover myself while I walk to the premises,.

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