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S-x And The City - Season 1 - Episode 189
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I turn her over and started fvcking her faster, I put my hands on her mouth to stop the loud m0an, we sexx for twenty minutes before I came and release on her body, I collapse on her body, we slept on the floor.

I was feeling the pleasure and it was very sweet, I didn’t know what was happening but I can feel something going on, I opened my eyes and then I saw her on top me enjoying herself, I didn’t even know when she started it but anyway let me enjoy it too, it didn’t take long for me to release inside her, I shouldn’t have release inside her but I wasnt myself and I was still half asleep, she rest on my body.
“I came inside you” I said.
“Are you scared?” She ask.
“yes?” I said.
“Don’t worry I will take care of it, you have a big d!ckson I just can’t get enough” she said.

“Am all here for you” I said.
“And am here for you too” she replied and plant a kiss on my cheek.
Before five she left and return to her room, I woke up late around nine when everybody has gone to work except Ria, I came downstairs and since I know she’s angry, I tried to avoid her, she’s the reason am here and she can terminate my contract anytime she want since Rica is still not done with my document, now that she’s angry with me I need to see her.
I came downstair and walk to the kitchen, I saw Ria slicing tomato, a thought cross my mind, I tiptoed to her and grab her ass from behind, she was shocked and she turn and as she wanted to say something I stop her with a kiss, she drop what she was doing cross her hands around my neck, we continue kissing and then I made her sit on the cooking desk, I pushed my trouser down and tthen she massage my d!ckson, she was wearing gown and then I pull her pant down, I move closer to her and as we keep kissing each other I slide my d!ckson inside her and she m0an, I started fvcking her very fast as if am angry, she was m0an!ng loud and the thrust was loud too, minutes later I took her and turn her ass facing me while she face the desk, I slide in from behind and fvck the hell out of her, she was crying loudly and her breathing was getting louder and louder, I move on of her leg up and continue fvcking her, we fvck for thirty minutes plus before I release on her ass.

“That was hot” she said amidst heavy breathing.

“Am sorry for yesterday, I didn’t want your husband to know” I said.
“Apology accepted, now let’s talk about my daughter” she said and my mind skip.

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