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S-x And The City - Season 1 - Episode 183
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I left her in the room and went to the kitchen to cook, since Mr and mrs are not around I think I should prepare something good for myself, I took some money from my wallet and went out to buy some things, the road of maraskatra is still very much busy.

“Hi, what type of fish do you have?”
I ask the little lady I saw on the shop.

“Ice fish, ice meat, dry fish” she said with her India accent.

“What type of meat?” I ask her.

“Chicken and turkey”
she said opening her yellow teeth, she has one open teeth making her beautiful, I love girls with open teeth.

“Alright, I prefare chicken” I said.

she went inside to open the fridge, she came back with some ice chicken, she put them on weigh balance.

“Where are you from?”
She ask me.

“Am from Africa, how do you know am not from here?”
I ask her.

“Your accent, my name is Mia, what’s yours?”
She ask.

“My dear it is better you don’t know my name, how much for that one”
I ask.

“this one is 14 rupee and this one is 18 rupee”
she said pointing at the meat.

“I will take the 14 rupee”
I said.

“Okay, why don’t you want to tell me your name, you always pass my store every day with that small car”
she said.

“This is your store?”
I ask.

“Yes, I open it three years ago”
she said.

“Waoh, how can a small girl like you open this big store?”
I was surprised because she’s just a little girl and the store is damn big, I don’t want to be connected with her because am tired of all the wahala and troubles of women, it is better I stay my own, and even if I want someone not a kid like this one.

“am 24, don’t judge me with my small body”
she said.

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