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S-x And The City - Season 1 - Episode 179
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I woke up early around six, I got up from the sofa and walk to the room, I saw her still sleeping, I walk around the room and saw some of her pictures close to where she put her TV, I check it very well she was holding a camera like a journalist, of course i think she’s a journalist that’s why knows so much about Africa and that explain why she’s living in a ghetto, I put a phone call to Rica telling her to come pick me, I didn’t bother to take my bath I just left a note with her and open her outside door, I started walking on the street waiting for Rica, as I was walking a small corolla pass and then the car reverse back and stop in front of me, two ladies brought their head from the window.

“Hey Africa man what are you doing here early this morning?”
The one riding ask.

“Nothing and who are you”
I ask.

“Come on we are Rianas friend, I gave you my card last time”
she said.

“Oh yeah I remember”
I said walking close to them.

“So come on in let’s take you home” she said.

I don’t have anything to lose so I hop in, on the way I texted Rica to forget about coming, she said I should be careful.

The ladies are really talkative, they can talk for Africa, she was asking so many questions like why I didn’t call her, of course am not going to tell her Riana took the card, we exchange contacts again before they drop me in front of my house, I came down and thank them, as I was about to open the front door Riana came out and stand in front of me with hands akimbo.

“You hang out with my friends?”
She ask.

“I didn’t, why woul…..”

I didn’t finish speaking before she slap me, I was confuse like what the hell is going on.

As I wanted to talk she raise her hand to slap me again I block it and draw her out so that her parents won’t hear, I push her to wall and said.

“Never in your life you try such nonsense again, I don’t know why you hate me so much but I don’t give a damn because I don’t care about you too”
I said and left her there.

I enter inside the house and walk straight to my room, I didn’t see her parents, I came down to take my bath and then I cook indomie and eat, still no sign of her parents, I check their room but their door is lock, its just past six I wonder where they went to so early, I return to my room to sleep.

Around eleven I woke up, I decided to check if they have return but still yet no sign of them, I was passing their room when I decided to check on Riana because she’s still at home, I knock she didn’t answer, so I just push the door a little, I saw Riana on her bed like someone dead, I was about to turn back when I saw blood on the ground, I quickly enter the room and saw blood rushing out Rianas mouth, I didn’t know what to do, the hospital I think.

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