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S-x And The City - Season 1 - Episode 174
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I sU-Ck her so hard as she m0an loudly, I stop and shift her to the top of the bed, I draw close to her and kiss her then I insert my d!ckson in her V area.

she m0an loud.

I don’t know why she’s m0an!ng as if she have not been having sexx, I keep pounding her like a jackal and minutes later she turn me around and started jumping up like a jamboree, as she fvck me her boobson keep bouncing up and down, we sexx for like thirty minutes and after we are done she was very weak and she lie down to sleep, I pretend like I was sleeping too and minutes I heard her snoring I shift her from my body and with my d!ckson dangling I walk to her cupboard and started searching for the document, my travel document, if I don’t get it now I don’t think there will be another chance, I went to her cupboard and open the first drawer, there are lots of document so I started going through all of them one by one, I didn’t find mine so I open the second drawer, as I open the drawer she turn around and breath heavily, I pause and watch her go back to sleep before I continue my raid, I search the whole cupboard but my file was nowhere to be found, I started wondering what happened to my files, it suppose to be part of the ones on the cupboard, as I watching her and thinking I saw three locks ontop her head on the bed, I went to her on the bed and sat beside her, I tried to open the lock but it was locked with a key, where can I find the key? It must be in her bag or so I thought.

I wanted to get up and get her hand bag on the table but I was surprised something hold me back.

“What are you doing? Come to bed”
Ria said.

“Nothing, I wanted to leave before any person come in” I said.

“Relax nobody is coming let’s just sleep for thirty minutes together please”
she said.

“Okay, yes ma”
I said and join her in bed, we sleep facing each other, she was looking at me and I was looking at her.

“Am so sorry for how we have been treating you, it wasn’t my fault I have to act this way in other to quench any suspicion from my husband, am so sorry” she said.

“But your daughter caught us already”
I said.

“Relax she won’t sat anything okay, and am sorry that we won’t be paying you again, I will make it up with you” she said.

“Really? If really you are sorry then please do something for me”
I said.

“What’s that?”
She ask.

“Rent a small room apartment for me where I can stay alone”
I said.

“Come on, you are under my care, can’t let you out of my sight please, won’t forgive myself if something happen to you, request for another thing, this one I can’t offer”
she said.

“Hmmm okay”

As we relax on the bed talking I heard a creek sound, like door opening.

“Somebody is in”
I said and jump up

“Run to your room”
she said.

As I run to the door I heard footsteps coming towards our direction and then I heard.

“Honey are you home?”

My mind skip immediately.

“Quickly inside the cupboard”
Ria said putting her clothes on, I ran to the cupboard and she throw my towel inside the cupboard with me and lock, the door open and Mr Rowan walk in.

“Honey what are you doing in bed and why is this place smelling horny?”
He ask.

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