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S-x And The City - Season 1 - Episode 165
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Rica took me to a small bungalow, there are only four to five houses in the area though its close to main road but surrounded by bush, the four house face each other in the street like a face me I face you compound, Rica house is the last close to a small spring, there are people living in each of the houses and also Rica is living with her only sister, her mum and dad are separated and she's the one taking care of her little sister who is still in school, she's 15 so I guess she must still be in secondary if they are using the same system like us.

“Welcome to my small house”
she said.

“The environment is astonishing”
I said looking around.

“Yeah its a cool spot” she said.

We came down from the car and then I followed her inside the house, the other three houses are story building only Rica’s own is one flat with just two rooms, toilet and bathroom, just a simple room.

She opened the door and ushered me in, everything is neat and clean I wish I can get a house like this.

“Waoh its nice”
I said.

“Are you kidding me, you
playing right?”
She ask.

“Am not, I wish I can even get a house like this”
I said.

“Come on keep your money you don't have any reason to leave the Rias for now”
she said.

“There are many reason my dear, abeg I need to sleep”
I said and lay down on the sofa chair.

“No no come to my room and sleep while I tidy everywhere up, my sister is still sleeping I guess”
she said.

I followed her and we enter a simple room, I removed my dress leaving only boxer I dive inside the bed and then she left locking the door, she knows I need the rest and am glad she left me alone to sleep.

I was walking in the street of New York, the city is really beautiful with tall buildings and fine roads with street lights, I was putting on black jacket and black trouser, as I was walking everybody was looking at me mysteriously as if am a criminal, I keep smiling at them without minding their starring, after walking for few miles I heard police siren, I thought they were chasing another person but I was wrong, they stop in front of me and point their gun at me.

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