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S-x And The City - Season 1 - Episode 169
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“yeah ozila you have to choose, either we stop paying you or any money you make you give it to us then we will share them together”
Said Mr Rowan.

“Waoh, so this is it then?”
I said.

“This is what?”
Ask Ria.

“No I mean from the beginning we all agreed that I will keep the money but now you guys are saying different thing, oh well I guess I will keep doing my thing while I work for you for free”
I said.

“oh well then it is settled”
Mr Rowan said.

I left the sitting room with a sad mood and return to my room, what kind of game are they playing? I started thinking, I know one day they might just say I should go and that's how they will deport me oh, I have to do something am not an idiot.

I called Rica that night.

“Hello, what's up ozila”
she answered.

“Am not fine joor”

“What's wrong and what is joor?”

“The Ria's insist they will stop paying me because am not sharing my secondary work money with them”

“Seriously? Why are they like this?”

“I honestly don't know oh”

“They know you are
making a lot of money”
she said.

“I guess I hope they won't throw me out one day sha”

“They won't because many people are coming to the bar to see you, you have increased the population of that bar if they let you go they will lose a lot, I think you should start telling them that you are not an idiot, make your own rules”
she said.

“You know I can't do that, am afraid they might deport me”
I said.

“Relax I can help you increase your stay here if I can get your paper work you used while coming here”
she said.

“Really? What kind of paper work?”
I ask.

“I mean your Visa and other papers”

“I don't have them, Ria kept them for me”

“I guess you will have to steal them”

“What? She will find out”

“Come on, she won't know I just need them for 24 hours so that they can review your Visa”

“Hmmm, I will try to get them”

“Don't try just get them, its for your own good anyway”
she said

“Yeah, goodnight dear”

“Alright sleep well love”
she said and hung up.

I slept thinking about how to steal my papers from Ria.

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