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Priestess Of The Sea  - Season 1 - Episode 7
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After she finish my yoghurt and my bread as if i bought it for her, she took my dirty plates outside and wash all of them, she told me to go outside that she want to clean the room.

Me: make i even stroll go outside self,

mercy: stroll go where.

Me: make i reach viewing center (even if match no dey today)

mercy: buy sunshine when coming back.

me: no wahala.

I took 500 naira from my wallet, i went out, on my way i saw my loving neighbour chinansa outside washing clothes, she just eye me then hiss like snake, when i first come to aba, na she be my first lover, but she come dey claim activity, like if any girl come my house she go dey question like frank edoho, the thing come dey dey too much so i started shunning her, she no even fine self but she get big butt0ckz like toolzs.

I went out to mcc junction, i cross the road and enter one bear parlour, they call it china town, i went in and order for smirnoff, i was drinking my drink gentlemanly when i saw her coming down from toyota avalon with one big man with pot belle, waoh na blessing be this, oboy i clean my eye well well, i nor mistake na she, the man old enough to be her father put hand on her shoulder, they came inside the bar, she saw me i wave, she just bone me like one madman, i nor blame her, later she go dey form virgin for school,.

They look for sit and sat down, the man call for barman, the barman later came back and serve them two guider, waoh so she dey drink self.

I continue watching them till test enter my phone.

“you go watch tire today till you blind”
I look at her from where shes sitting, she wink and smile.

So i send “so na person wey reach to be your papa you dey fucck?”

she look her phone and smile, the barman brought pepper soup for them, omo see flezing, i better commot here before i will be tempted to buy, she send me another test
“i miss your dicck can you come tonight”
lol, so na me she wan dey use satisfy her konji abi, so i reply her.

“what happen to the man you are with now”

i waited for 10minutes before she reply, i guess shes doing justice to the peppersoup.
“im dey fucck like dead man”
i nor know when i burst laugh, and everybody started looking at me, oboy make i dey go, i paid the barman for my drink and left, on my way i bought sunshine and apple, she send me another message, saying she will cook rice and she want us to eat it together, nothing go make me miss that rice.
I went home direct i open my door and everywhere was sparkly clean (i trust my babe)

Me: how far.

Mercy: welcome dear, you didnt watch the match again? (she know say anytime i go watch match i must spend 2 hours)

Me: na only first half i watch, the match is boring.

Mercy: ok did you buy the sunshine.

Me: yes.

I gave it to her while i relax on my bed, she took it and hang it at the wall. She join me on my bed, i took my phone and start playing fifa14, she took her own and start watching drama.

Me: sweetie low your drama na.

Mercy: why you no low your own?

Me: na me first start na, okay put earpiece for your own then.

Mercy: no i like it like this.
I drop my own down and concentrate on her phone,

mercy: you nor play again?

Me: no i wan join you watch.

Mercy: but you are not watching na, you are starring at my b0s0m.
Oh yeah i am, i loved her big b0s0m.

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