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Priestess Of The Sea  - Season 1 - Episode 4
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Waoh i dial the number
” the number you are trying to call is currently switch off, please try again later” i hate that woman, the time is 8am on monday and i have test around 9 in the morning, but i dont think the test is important now, adanna is more important for now, so i stood up, brush my teeth, worm my afam soup and took my bath, i ate the afam soup and eba silently, (i like that soup well well) thinking about adanna.

Number she use to call me just now how can it be switch off, i redial again, but still switch off i droped the phone, as i ate silently a test enter my phone again, i thought it was adanna, i quickly rush to read it,
“fu-Ckiing me is one thing and fuccking my friend is another thing, becareful we are watching you”.

Frm chinansa.

Lol abeg make she go sit down joor, i nor get her time and she cant do more than a dead rat, wey she and her sister dey fight for one man, maybe she think say i nor know, another call enter my phone from mercy.

Me: hello sweetie

mercy: hey dear, i hope you are in school already, because am almost at the gate.

Me: no oh, am still at home.

Mercy: still at home by this time, or you forgot that we have to revise before the test.

Me: yeah i remember, just give me 30minutes i will be there.

Mercy: ok i will be in room 101 please be fast.

Me: ok dear see ya.

I told her i will be there before 30minutes, but am i really going? Hmmm question for the gods,
I finish eating, took my bath, then lie on my bed, wearing just my boxer and singlet, a call enter my phone again, this time unknown caller, i pick it.

Me: hello

unknown caller: it seems you are not going to school.

Me: adanna.?

Adanna: yes.

Me: waoh, your voice sound so sweet.

Adanna: hmmm are you sure.

Me: yes of course infact everything about you is sweet, your voice, your, lips, your b0s0m, and even your….

Adanna: e don do, by the way, am sorry for leaving like that i just dont want to disturb you.

Me: no problem, but what happen to the bulb?

Mercy: which bulb?

Me: the bulb that shattered when we were having s*x.

Adanna: i think you need to go take panadol, because you sound weird.
Hmmm, maybe i was seeing things sha, i check my time, 8:40.

Me: ok i have to go now, i will call you later when i come back.

Adanna: you are not going anywhere, because there will be no test.

Me: how? What do you mean, hello, hello, hellllooo.

Well maybe her credit don finish, i tried to call her, but her number switch off, na waoh, i got dress, spray my Northerner perfume, comb my hair and set for school, as i was about to open the door, my phone rang, caller mercy.

Me: i don dey road already i will be there soon.

Mercy: no need am coming to your house.

Me: why, what happen.

Mercy: our lecturer call in sick.

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