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Priestess Of The Sea  - Season 1 - Episode 33
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I would have just remain in my house, i
dont know what even push me to go
there self, and who the hell does she
think she is to dictate to me that way, 15
days for me to die? Adanna killing me?
Lol that girl must be really angry that i
broke up with her, hahaha she can go to
hell i dont fuccking care, even if adanna
want to kill me she could have done it
long again, even if its true then at least
we can die together, or so i thought.
I was lost in my thought that i dont
know that somebody was following me
in my back, i continue debating on my
mind, walking very fast to my house, no
keke i for don enter tey tey, then from
my back i heard ” gbooooaiiiiiii”
somebody hit me planck on the back of
my head (chai that my head don suffer
am telling you guys), i look back and i
saw one guy, holding a big planck on his
hand, he was surprise to see me
standing, he was thinking i would fall
and die or maybe faint, when i turn and
face him, he started moving back slowly.

Me: who are you and what do you do
that for? I said holding the back of my

Unknown Man: am chidebere, chinansa
lover, you killed my wife to be, and i
want revenge.

Me: my man you must be mistaken,
because chinansa travelled ( i said still
holding my head, checking if there is any

unk man: no chinansa my love is dead
( he said and started crying).
I saw the tears in his face i look at him i
know hes serious, was that why adanna
said i will never see her again, well i
think she deserve it because she wanted

to kill me too, so i think i should thank
adanna for doing the job for me, at least
no more trouble from here again, i look
at the man like a madman and took off.
I got to my house late in the midnight as
i open my door a text enter my phone.
“i know that you are not yourself and i
will never lose hope on you even if it cost
me my life, you are my first love and i
cannot be alive and see you been used
like this, i wont stop till i cure your craze
and drive that witch back to where she

i read the message and i laugh, why
wont she just leave me alone, there are
alot of guys out there ready to pounced
on her at first sight, she should just let
me be joor, bikonu, i was very tired
when i got home that i just relax on my
bed and slept off, tommorow is another
day, wait before i sleep i have to hear the
voice of my angel, i took my phone
wanted to call her, then my phone rang
and i look at the caller, adanna,
hmmmmm maybe she was thinking
about me too, i pick the call.

Me: hello my loving angel.

Adanna: how are you my love.

Me: am quit alright, just stressed out.

Adanna: hmmmm what did you do?

Me: nothing,

adanna: but you said you are stressed
out, if you didnt do anything then how
come you are stressed out?

Me: well mercy friend called me and told
me that mercy had an accident.

Adanna: so you went there?

Me: yeah i went there to by myself, but is
not a serious one, she will be okay soon.

Adanna: okay so when you get there
what did you talk about.

Me: well she said some crazy stuff.

Adanna: crazy stuff like what?

Me: that you are trying to kill me that i
have 15 days left to live.

Adanna: hmmmm and what was your

Me: trust me na, i gave her a dirty slap
because i cant stand and see anybody
talk to you that way.

Adanna: what you did was wrong, and
what she said is true.

Me: wait what are you talking about ( i
said standing up from my bed.)

Adanna: i think we see and discuss it
face to face, tommorow evening i will
direct you to my house.

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