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Priestess Of The Sea  - Season 1 - Episode 23
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I just read the message and smile, if the
she no succeed for the first time wetin
make her think say she go succeed this
time, abeg make she go sit down joor,
she even get boyfriend na im she dey
sanko my dicck join abi, na thunder go
fire that her big yashh, i took my darling
laptop, i check my cassete and i select
“arrow 3″ i like that film die, the guy join
act for the flash self.

I concentrated on my film, sleeping on
my bed and backing my door, my
stomach rumble, na wetin i go eat na, i
thought assuming mercy dey here na
she go just cook for me sharp sharp,
hmmm i think am missing her already,
then i remember faith, i gave her money
to buy obstacle for her soup, i quickly
stood up, took my cooler and put it on
black bag, i lock my door and set out to
faith house, on my way i saw chinansa
discussing with three grab guys i went
to meet her.

Me: good evening chinansa, bros una
good evening oh.

Chinansa: what, can we help you? She
said eyeing me from head to toe.

Me: una dey plan how to attack me abi?
No wahala, thank God say i still save your
number for my phone and as e dey like
this na im i dey carry am go show police
(for my mind, lol who wan waste 5k
again) so, because i dey my own jejeje
you carry wahala come my doormouth,
abi na by force to date you, no worry
police go come your house tomorow

she just kept looking at me like a

Me: as for una, i don mark una face if

anything happen to me, na police case
una go find una self .

Bro 1: oga mi why you dey para like that
na, you na our man na, and na we we, so
make you chil like ice water ( he said
opening his open teeth like solomon
randy ?.

Bro 3: na we we make you nor dey para
again u dey feel me so, as we don see u
so, we don believe say u na correct guy,
so chinansa my hand no dey again i dont
commot ( he said washing his hand like
pilas, no be say water dey oh) .

They walk off chinansa, and disappear,
then she face.

Chinansa: you think say i dey fear police,
if you like go carry soldier, mopol, and
even carry mobile police join (mumu
mopol no be mobile police) infact go
carry boko haram join, all i know is that i
must revenge my boyfriend i dont care
how i go about it, she said and catwalk
out of me, omen see her yash as she dey
waka, na that yash first make me go
meet her, now that yash wan put me for
am again, i clear my head and set to faith

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