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Priestess Of The Sea  - Season 1 - Episode 19
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Source: coolval
My friends use to tell me things like this
happen but i didnt believe it but now i
witness it myself, i was in a state of
dilemma that i ask her.

Me: wetin happen ( standing up as i say
make i go hold her, she signal me to stop
using her right hand )

Blessing: you are asking me what
happen when i should be the one asking
you? ( she said still holding her chick,
with blood gushing out her mouth) who
the hell are you, are you some marine
spirit or what?

I know say i take oath but na only kiss
na no be s*x, and by the way na were
the hand come from self i ask myself.
I didnt know what to do, she just sat on
the bed and hold her chick confused.

Me: am sorry i manage to say.

Blessing: just leave and please never
come back.

I quickly took my phone and dash our of
her room, chai na which na which kind
yawa be this na, oh yes adanna pussi
sweet pass any other girl wey i don taste
but at least i still need to form bad guy
for were other girls dey na, so that one
mean say i nor go dey near any other
girls again be that, well i know wetin i
go do tomorow i go carry adanna go
school go form big boy things, at least
them go know say my level don change
na im make i nor dey near them again,
and again i thank my God no be mercy
that thing happen to, i dont know why
but i still have soft spot for mercy, but my
crazy illusionary love with adanna cover

on my way i called her, she didnt even let
me to talk before she said.

Adanna: you should know that you
belong to me now and am always

watching you.

Me: so you mean say na u truly slap her?

Adanna: yes that was me.

Me: why would you do something like
that, you remove two of her teeth for
christ sake.

Adanna: but you told me shes just a

I didnt say anything.

Adanna: you should becareful, if i didnt
stop you, you would have been the one
dead by now, leaving me alone in this
world, you are all i have and anything i
mean anything that tried to come on our
way shall meet his or her demise, also
you should know that we are one now,
one body and one soul, you asked me
who i am the other day, today you will
know, just do what i ask you to do in the
evening then you will get answers to all
your questions.

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