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Priestess Of The Sea  - Season 1 - Episode 17
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On my way to school i decided to branch
my edo sister house close to school in
umuojima road, i went to her house and

Faith: who is there?

Me: na me oziegbe.

Faith: come in.

Me: ogbe (how far)

Faith: ofure (fine)

Me: uha’yi school? (wont you go school)
ofure: me’le oh ( i will go)

Me: okay wetin you go cook this

Faith: i wan cook black soup but money
no dey for obstacle(fish)

Me: how much you want for the

Faith: like 500 naira.

I gave it to her and told her that i will
come in the evening with cooler to
collect my share, i left her and thus she
told me she will join me in school later.

On my way to school my phone ring i
pick it.

Me: hello

Mercy: sweetie what happen last night
(she never even greet good morning

Me: what happen as in?

Mercy: you didnt pick my call again after i
told you i love you.

Me: am on my way to school, we will
discuss when i reach.

Mercy: please be fast because i really
need answers cause am confuse.

Me: na which room una dey.

Mercy: in room 102.

I enter school and head straight to room
102 i went to the back of seat and sat
there with everywhere noisy i sight
mercy at one corner alone, flipping
through her note.

Guy 1: oh boy cultist para for my area
yesterday night oh.

Guy 2: na so i hear, i hear say none of
them survive.

Guy 3: na lie na blackass kill buca i even
hear say they cut their leader head
commot hang am for poll

Guy 1: yes when we comeout the head

hang for poll na we even call police, ,
hmm na wa oh, but the others no even
sustain any cut for their body, but they
just dey lifeless like people wey them
draw their soul commot for their body.
Jesus christ so those guys were killed i
need to call adanna and ask her what
happen, everywhere dey noisy we dey
wait for our lecturer, then mercy came
over to my side.

Mercy: good morning ( with strong face)

me: morning, how are you doing.

Mercy: am not fine, what is going on you
are acting weird.

Me: please lets talk after class.

Mercy: no i demand to know now
because you are hurting me.

Me: see lecturer will soon come in lets
just wait after class.

Mercy: no tell me now (she shouted
getting impatient)

me: calm down na see you are drawing
audience (she look around and saw
everybody starring at us) i dont care
about them just tell me what is it?

I was dumb she has already started
crying she stood up looking me straight
in the eyes.

Ozes are you breaking up with me? She
ask, oh yeah she read my mind well
because i have never behave like that
before, if i want to tell her something
she will ask me once and i will open up,
but this one too heavy for my mouth to

Mercy: tell me are you breaking with me?
She asked again with all eyes on us.

Me: am sorry mercy.

Gboooaaaaii a heavy slap enter my chick,
she took her bag and storm out of the
class crying, on her she met our lecturer
coming, she just pass without even
greeting him

lecturer: whats wrong with her.

Course rep: shes not feeling fine sir.
waoh at last its over i was happy she
took the word out of my mouth, i was a
little bit relief, but i nor fit concentrate
for study again so i just took escuse and

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