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Priestess Of The Sea  - Season 1 - Episode 15
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1:00 A.m in the night i dont know how
she know, but i believe God is trying to
reveal to her that am in trouble.

Me: mercy

mercy: yes dear.

Me: forget about the dream nothing will
happen to me, (yes i believe with adanna
am save) but there is something i need
to tell you.

Mercy: no we cant forget about the
dream, tomorow lets fast together and
pray, what is it that you want to tell me?
Me: dont worry i will tell you everything
in school, is not something we can
discuss on phone because i want to see
you face to face and tell you.

Mercy: ok no problem we will see in
school, and by the way why are you not

Me: am watching film.

Mercy: you and film eh una be like
twince, anyway goodnight i love you.
I cut the call, but i know she must call
back, she did but i ignored, she called
like six times before she gave up.
She was right about the film, i remember
that time wey i dey six years, when i go
dey enjoy my sleep in the night, my elder
brother go carry me from bed go parlour
put me for stool make i sit down dey
watch late night movie, no where to rest
my head so i dont have any choice than
to focus on the film, for school the next
day when them go dey talk about film,
na me go be the narrator, i remember
that time wey i mention five element of
ninja for inside class, our teacher flog me
for buttock five times.

Meanwhile adanna was looking at me,
she brought out somethings from her
bag and start mixing them together.

Adanna: so you want to tell her face to


Me: yes when we started i told her i love
you face to face, so i will also end it face
to face.

Adanna: hmmm she wont take it lightly.
Me: its expected, what are you doing?
Adanna: trying to mix medicine together
for your head.

Me: haha am not taking that, i will rather
go pharmacy and get myself medicine.

Adanna: trust me this one work better.

Me: how do you know how to mx it, you
didnt tell me your father is a native
doctor (i joke).

She paused for some minutes then she
continue mixing.
Adanna: i dont have father, am all alone
in this world.
Me: waoh, am sorry what happen to
your family?

Adanna: i dont have any family.

Me: what do you mean?

She finish mixing the medicine, gave it to
me to drink, the substance look greenish
black, i look at her, she signal her head
for me to drink it i did, the thing taste
like white chalk.

Adanna: so you really want to know me.

Me: yes of course.

Adanna: ok no problem but anything you
see you bear it, by 6pm this evening
come outside your compound and stay

Me: stay there and do what.

Adanna: just stay there.

Me: what will i be looking for?

Adanna: you willl know when you see it,
time for me to start going.

Me: this night, why dont you wait till

Adanna: i have something to do at home,
but before i go, lets bring our soul
together, she said laying me on the bed
like a pregnant woman, she sat ontop
me, she draw my nicker and boxer
downward, she rub my dicck make sure
is hard enough for action, she remove
her clothes and wanted to put my dicck
inside, i object.

Me: wait, use condom.

Adanna: no condom today

Me: She close my mouth with her lips use her
right hand to insert my dicck inside her
and fucck me slowly.

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