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Priestess Of The Sea  - Season 1 - Episode 14
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Oath they say is a solemn promise, often
invoking a divine witness, regarding
one’s future action or behavior
according to google, i didnt know
wether i have a future or not but i do
know that am alive and presently and
currently all i want is to be with her all
the time, i forgot my loving girlfriend
mercy, i wasnt in a state of dilemma
because i immediately open my mouth
and told her “yes i will be happy to take
the oath” in my mind only a madman will
see a beauty such as adanna and let the
opportunity pass him bye, i know that
oath is a solemn promise binding two
people together, forever and for always.
(according to repogirl), i believe that
with adanna i dont need another
girlfriend, beside the oath will make me
faithful to her and keep dicck in my
pocket all the time, in the midst of other
girls, i believe i will gain alot because
nobody will drag my beautiful angel with
me, even if she like make guys dey toast
her na them sabi because i know say we
don do oath already, so nothing to
worry about, but the thing is that “na
person wey them dey see them go toast”
is adanna a visible being or shes just an
illusion running my head mental.

When i told her i will take the oath, she

Me: why are you smiling?

Adanna: nothing, but are you really sure
youu want to do it?

Me: i will do anything for you baby.

Adanna: okay lets do it.

I brought out my bible thinking that we
will use the bible to swear, but
immdiately she saw the bible she stood
from the chair and take a step backward.

Adanna: what are you doing with that?

Me: i thought we are going to use the
bible to do it.

Adanna: no no no keep it back, we are
not using it.

Me: okay if you say so (i drop the bible,
and she took her sit back) so what are
we going to use.

Me: dont worry i have everything here
(she said bringing out a sharp small
needle from inside her bag, e be like that
wan wey we dey use sow cloth).

She came close to me in my bed, she use
the needle to pin her right thumb, she
told me to bring my tongue out i did and
she placed it on my tongue telling me to
drink her blood, she took my right hand
and pin my thumb also, ( i shouted
because it sting like bee) she put the
thumb on her tongue and told me to
repeat after her with both our thumb in
each others mouth, kneeling down also.
“from this day forward, we decree and
declare that we will love and cherish
each other forever and for always, no
matter who we are or what we become,
no matter the situation wether dark or
bright, we will respect and honour each
other for better and for worse, and if
any of us try to break this promise, that
person shall die”

we took the oath, then she kept quiet for
2minutes saying something in her mind
which i cant decipher, after she finish
what she was doing, she hold me close
to her and kiss me passionately then a
heavy thunder strike, my light off, my fan
stop working, a heavy breaze blew
inside my room through the window, i
look at the window, there is light but in
my room there is total darkness and rain
start falling immediately, at that point my
phone ring i check the caller “mercy”

Adanna: it is time you let her go,. She
I took the phone making up my mind to
break her heart.

Me: hello.

Mercy: i had a bad dream and is about
you again.

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