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Priestess Of The Sea  - Season 1 - Episode 13
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Rita: hello sweety happy birthday.

Me: thanks dear are you not coming

Rita: i will come but later in the evening.

Me: ok take care dear.

Rita: alright see you later in the evening.

Around 4:00pm she called me again.

Me: hello dear.

Rita: birthday boy how is your day going.

Me: what do you expect, well there is
only one word to describe it “boring”

Rita: why na, didnt you go out?

Me: go out for where, am in door all day,
my mum didnt go out so you know i
cant leave house when my mum is

Rita: ok dont worry i will soon come,
when is she going to store?

Me: any moment from now.

Rita: ok when she leave flash me.

Me: ok and dont forget to bring my
birthday gift oh.

Rita: ok dear bye.

That was rita my love, if i tell una say na
secondary school dey sweet pass una go
say na lie, na secondary na im guys dey
start look girl backyard, na secondary
school girls dey get their first lover, na
secondary girls dey sabi wetin be s*x,
omo my secondary school days na story
wey i nor go forget easily oh, so i got up
in my house in edo state, i arrange the
house, clean the plates, i gat to make
everywhere neat and clean base on say
na today na the first time wey she dey
enter my crib, after i finish washing
everything i went inside my mum’s

Me: mum u nor go go store again?

Mum: i go go na, i wan write down
medicine wey no dey first (oh yeah my
mum is a nurse) any problem?

Me: no i wan increase the volume of my
music and i know say u nor dey like am.

Mum: abeg wait make i commot before
you start your madness.

I left my mum’s room and went to
parlour and start watching film “in the
time of myth and the time of magic, the
destiny of a great kindgom rest on the
shoulder of a young boy his name
merlin” that was me watching seasonal
film (that time na merlin dey reign).
20 minutes later my mum left the house
and i was all alone at home, i call rita

Rita: hello dear.

Me: where you dey na, i don dey wait for
you since oh.

Rita: your mum don commot?

Me: yes, she commot 10minutes ago.

Rita: ok i dey come. ( i describe my house
for her for school when we newly start
the relationship)

I continue watching merlin, 20 minutes
later she called she said shes outside
that i should come out and pay bike
man, i took 50 bus and went outside to
pay the bike man, rita look scupoulous(i
nor know wetin e mean oh) waoh i
shake my head like agama lizard hailing
myself for been able to catch this oily
fish. We greet each other then i took her
inside our house.

Rita: waoh you have a big house.

Me: yeah, and na only me and my momsy
dey stay inside.

Rita: what of your brothers &sisters?

Me: all of them they their place of work
na only me still dey school

Rita: hmm na im make you be mumie’s

Me: abeg sit down joor, wetin i go offer

Rita: just give me water.
I went to the fridge and gave her chilled
eva water, she brought out the black
nylon she hold,i think say na one kind
expensive gift dey inside, una no go
believe say na vevet and marin this girl
hold come for house come give me for
my birthday, well i thank her and start
licking it, she join me and we continue
watching the merlin film,

Me: today na my birthday oh and see as i
just sit down dey watch film, no groving.

Rita: ok put music make we dance.

Nice idea so i inserted a music, booming
from the loader “e no easy by pqsuare” i
sat on a sofa while she entertain me
with dance, she know how to wine her
waist very much, i love her very well
because shes a free girl no wahala and
she joke alot also, she continue dancing
for five minutes before i join her, i hold
her waist and start using my J0yst!ck to
rub her butt0ckz, she turn around and
kiss me, i returned the kiss, i hold her
butt0ckz tight while she hold my head
and we continue kissing, we kiss for
sometime before i pulled her shirt and
her skirt, i remove her pant while i pull
my clothes also, before we know it we
were both Unclad, i push her to the sofa
chair then i climb ontop her (that time i
never sabi sU-Ck pussi) i spread her leg
open, i kiss her again and she use her
hand to rub my back, i insert my J0yst!ck
inside (small romance she don wet
already) i Bleep her so well and we were
both sweating, “oh yeah fucck me hard,
dont stop pls continue, move faster
baby” oh yeah i grant her wish as we
both came 6minutes later.

Me: baby i love you so much.

Rita: i love you too dear but am afraid.

Me: what are you afraid of?

Rita: that when you go to school you will
forget me.

Me: you are my love and i will never
forget you, see every minute of the day i
think about you and i dont think
anything can stop me from thinking
about you.

Rita: if you really love me that much can
you do me one favor.

Me: anything for you babe, so what is it?

Rita: lets take an oath to seal our love for
each other.

Me: come on dear you know we are both
christian and oath is a sin to God.

Rita: i know but am ready to risk it.

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