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Priestess Of The Sea  - Season 1 - Episode 12
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Adanna: sorry i thought you were still in bed thats why i just open the door without knocking.

Me: its okay, so you are the one that brought me home last night?

Adanna: yes

Me: how, tell me what happened, and how did you know i was there, ( i said sitting on my bed with my back against the wall, putting my right hand on my jaw and my pillow looking at her directly and waiting for answers)

Adanna: one question at a time.

Me: okay tell me first, how did you know i was there?

Adanna: i was following you, because i saw you when you escort your girlfriend home( na who tel her say na my girlfriend)

Me: so you followed me to…. ( waoh i remember that i went to blessing house)

Adanna: yes i followed you to her house, thats why i sent you a test for you to keep your strenght for both of us, you have satisfied her now is remaining only me.

Me: and how did you know that i will go to your house?

She kept quiet!

Me: and by the way what happened to those guys that attack me?

She remain mute.

Me: also how did you bring me home, because i believe only you cannot lift me up talkless of carrying me?

She just remain on her chair fold her hands together and put them on her forehead looking forward.

Adanna: ozila.

Me: yes

Adanna: there are alot of things about me that you dont know.

Me: and what are they? I ask.

Adanna: do you love me?

Me: yes of course i love you.

Adanna: and how do you know that, so what about mercy and the other girl blessing?

Me: honestly speaking, blessing is not my girlfriend we are just friend with benefit, but as for mercy i love her very well, shes my normal girlfriend but since i met you my feelings for her has reduced drastically, in everything i do i think about you, i cant even concentrate on my studies anymore.

Yeah i love her i dont know why and my feelings for mercy is fading slowly.

Adanna: hmmm so you love somebody you dont know?

Me: i dont care, all i know is that i love you and all i need is your love, i want to give you my heart because i know you are the perfect girl to take care of it.

Adanna: hmmm and what about mercy.

Me: forget about her i will break up with her if you agree to open your heart for me.
And yes i will breakup with her if she agree to date me.

Adanna: so what if am not a human being?

Me:: how can you not be a human being when i can touch you, feel you, kiss you and even have s*x with you, infact wether you are a human being or not i dont care all i need is your love.

Adanna: hmmmm, not everything you see is real, what for example am a snake in a human form will you still love me?

Me: so far your love for me still stand i will love you forever i dont care what or who you are.

Adanna: can you prove it?

Me: yes i can, just tell me how.

Adanna: lets take an oath before i will summit my heart to you.

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