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Priestess Of The Sea  - Season 1 - Episode 11
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I woke up in my house around 11pm in the night, i look around I nor see anybody, everything just dey normal i try to remember what happen, then I felt the pain on my head I was bandaged, I remember everything at once, how those guys attack me and how one of them smash bottle on my head, and how the mysterious lady stop their leader from pulling the trigger, many things occupy my mind, who are those guys? I never see them for my life before, and who was the girl that save me? I think I should call the police, no they will conclude that am a cultist and they won’t want to get involve and beside u nor get 5k to dash them again, I continue thinking not knowing what to do, and by the way who brought me hom last night? so many question running through my mind, I tried to get up but i was too weak to standup, so if say that girl no stand for my front I for don go thy kingdom come be that, i kept on talking to myself, I took my phone beside me I wanted to call mercy, no I kick against it she will be too worried that she don’t mind coming to my house this night, so I Lay on my bed and continue thinking over the whole issue, i was so lost in thought that I don’t know when my door swing open, then she walk in.

I got up quickly and stay close to my wall like say i see ghost, and yes she worse pass ghost, i stood up because i was shock to see her, i nor even know self say i nor padlock my door, how i go know wey my head dey on fire.
she look georgeous with her shinning white teeth like cooked rice, and her black shoe like lara croft in tomb raider, and yes she still wear that white bangles, she hold black nylon on her hand, she wore white gown, she just look like an angel, Oh god, my heart start beating faster like drum, and i lose all concentration immediately.

Adanna: look who is up, (she said as she walk in majestically)
i just stood there admiring her beauty not even scared a bit.

Adanna: why are you looking at me like that cant you talk again?

Me: hey, sorry about its just that i was scared i thought it was an intruder (i said hiding my fear).

Yes i was scared when she walk in but i when i recognise it was her, all fear vanish, i feel save when am around her like say shes is a god that wont let anything harm me, honestly speaking i dont know where does feeling came from.

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