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Priestess Of The Sea  - Season 1 - Episode 10
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After i consume the sweet rice wey fish no dey finish, i gave her peck on her chick and left.

Time 9:55pm in the night, everywhere was dark no light, no movement, the only sound you hear are the sound of birds, owling for foods, and i left my china phone with bright light at home, i walk from her street to the main MCC road, getting close to lord’s chosen headquarter church, i saw like 5 guys standing at one barber shop, i passed them their face look rugged, i look back and i saw them following me slowly, i started walking faster and they fasten their footstep also, waoh what is going on, i tried to call one of my guy in schoool, the guy na cultist but his number was switch off, i pick race oh and they started pursueing me, i ran like madman till i get to burkingham college there i saw 4 guys coming towards me from my front, i tried to turn back but the guys from my back are close already, what do i do? Fear grip me, omo me wey i think say i be badoo all those kind thing no fit fear me, but merely looking at their face only my leg dey struggle to stand.

They surrounded me, and one of them i guess their leader said ” so na u be ozila abi, na u Bleep my babe finish then come dump her abi” i tried to open my mouth to talk but nothing came out, before i dey say sir, one of the guys from my back smash bottle on the back of my head, i fell on the ground, i started seeing
different stars, I no see things clearly again, the leader brought his gun i thought my end has come, and i pray in my mind for God to forgive me my sins, but as he was about to pull the trigger, someone walk straight in front of me facing the leader, na there i remember reach before i faint but i remember say the person wear girl shoe.

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