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Password - Season 2 - Episode 52
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The girl didn’t appear to see Akweley.

She just sat there like a vegetable! Akweley screamed and moved from the girl. She stumbled and fell, and then she crawled to the far end of the room and looked at Attah Badu, standing there naked with his shaved v----a.

Akweley was weeping bitterly as she looked at him.

“This is Adwoa!” she wailed miserably. “What’s she doing here? Who’s she to you? I thought she was dead!”

There was a sudden look of hatred on Attah Badu’s face, and suddenly he threw the glass he was holding with its contents at Akweley, and she cringed with fear. Luckily the glass missed her, and hit the floor and shattered.

“Yes, that’s Adwoa Badu, my only sister!”

he screamed shrilly, his face maddened with fury. “Your bad father promised to marry her! He made her fall in love with him so badly! He even made her pregnant! When she told your father about the pregnancy, he told her he didn’t love her, and that it was just for fun!”

He moved forward, his face now taking on the etched lines of great hatred.

“Your silly father told my dear sister that she’s a big girl, and so she should get rid of the pregnancy. When Adwoa came to your house, you were present! You and your father threw her out! Akweley, you drove my sister to the police station, accusing her of being a thief, and she was sent to prison for three months, locked up, for stealing your jewellery, but it was false! You put the jewellery in her handbag!”

Attah Badu’s face looked quite maddened now as his hate-filled eyes tore into a hapless and shocked Akweley.

“I came down from the states and had her set free!” he continued. “She loved your father very much, and I told her it was okay! She came to see your father again, four months pregnant, and what did you do? You told your father not to worry, and you sent her to a quack doctor for an abortion! And then you dumped her in the streets! When I found her she was almost dead! She never got better! She went crazy, Akweley! You and your fool of a father drove my only sister crazy!”

Akweley crawled on the floor with shame, and she grabbed Attah Badu’s leg in supplication, her head bowed, weeping uncontrollably.

“Please!” she wailed miserably. “Oh, please, I’m so sorry! Don’t do this to me, please! Don’t put this great punishment on me! Please, forgive me! Forgive my father! Forgive me!! Divorce me, I don’t want this marriage, no, no, no! Please don’t crucify me with this cross, I beg of you!”

Attah Badu grabbed her hair and pulled her up, his maddened face staring at her with evil intent.
“Listen, Akweley, I now own your father!” he hissed furiously. “I’ve pumped so much money into his business, and now I own ninety percent of his total business! I can destroy him anytime, and he will be ruined forever, and he will wallow in the gutter!”

He bent and spoke with the passionate luxury of an starved python, ejecting each word with venomous intent.

“This is my vengeance, girl! You will remain with me and take care of my sister! You and your father caused it, and yes, you’re going to be responsible for it! If you can make my sister sane again, maybe I’ll consider and let you go free. But as long as my sister remains insane, you will continue to be married to me!”

He straightened and pointed an accusing finger at Akweley.

“If you step out of this marriage I will claim all your father’s businesses, and you will be left on the streets without a penny! If you ever cheat on me, I’ll destroy you and you father! Do I make myself clear? The choice is yours!”

He pushed Akweley away from him with disgust, and Akweley fell heavily!

She was wailing and grovelling, and in an attempt to hold his thighs her fingers dipped into his v----a!

Akweley drew her hand away with a shudder of fear, and wiped her fingers hard on the carpet.
She began to scream with disgust, crawling away from him like a trapped beast, shaking her head with deep terror.

Attah Badu looked down at her with hatred, and then he walked out and slid the door shut, and locked it!

Akweley remained on the floor weeping thorns, nails and raw undiluted metal shavings…her agony was that fractious!


Kofi spent about three hours at the Central Police Station the following Monday.

Police Superintendent Kelly Hope had come to the Institute to tell him that he would be needed at the police station to give his testimony in an ongoing investigation of Doctor Bobo Dovlo.

Kofi found himself in an air-conditioned conference room facing ten people in the panel. He recognized a few of them. Judge Akwasi Buabasah was present, and so also were Doctors Hassan Braimah and Aidly Boamah.

He also recognized some high-ranking police officials.

Lastly there was a gentleman in a fine suit seated at the far end of the panel, almost in darkness, but he was vaguely familiar. He was one of the richest men in the country, Kofi remembered, a manufacturer of sorts.

They threw questions at Kofi from left, right and centre.

Knowing his freedom was at stake, Kofi held nothing back. He knew that he still had a charge to answer at the court, concerning the Sajili scandal, and he knew he could be made to stand trial and sentenced, and so he told them the truth…everything.

And after his incredible tale absolute silence reigned for a long time until Judge Akwasi Buabasah leaned forward and cleared his throat.

“Mr. Kofi Kuntu, your journey hasn’t been an easy one,” he said, and the moment he said that tears came to Kofi’s eyes again. “However, taking aside the emotional trauma you suffered at the asylum, I can see that you’ve grown from a very selfish and irresponsible young chap, foolish at heart, to a very mature and wise man, someone who will be of great help to society.”

There were murmurs of approval from the other members on the panel.

“Your testimony has indeed shed great light on a savage and murderous man we trusted with innocent people, Doctor Bobo Dovlo. Your penance has been served, young man. I apologise, sincerely, for all the terrible times you went through. When you step out of this room, you’re a free man. However, that gentleman at the far end wants a word with you, in private, and so we’ll leave you two alone for now. Goodbye, Mr. Kofi Kuntu. I wish you God’s blessings from today!”

Kofi could not stop his tears as the men and women stood up in ones and twos, and slowly left the room.

The expensively-dressed manufacturer stood up and walked slowly towards Kofi. The man was evidently emotionally affected because his eyes, behind his glasses, were very wet with tears.

He had iron-grey hair, and he sat down slowly on the table, facing Kofi Kuntu.

“Hello,” he said gently. “My name is Brempong Assifuah.”

“Oh, yes!” Kofi said, smiling. “I remember you now, sir! I was trying to place you. Knew you’re a wealthy manufacturer but I could not place you!”

The man nodded again, and removed his glasses. He took a handkerchief and wiped his wet eyes and cleaned the glasses slowly; his hands shook rather badly, and Kofi’s eyes narrowed, wondering why the man seemed so jittery.

“Oh, yeah, I’ve made quite a bit of money in industry,” he said with a sad smile. “Quite a bit of money. I had nothing else to do, you know. I lost my dearest wife many years ago, about twenty-five years now, actually. She died on the day she gave birth to my son.”

“Oh!” Kofi whispered, sad immediately. “Oh, sorry, sir. So very sorry to hear that.”

“Oh, that’s okay, that’s okay,” he said tremulously. “She gave birth in a hospital, way down in a village called Obomofodensua, her village. The doctor at the rural clinic who helped my wife to deliver is Doctor Joan Kankpe. I believe you’ve met her, yes, you talked about her in your testimony.”

Kofi’s eyes hardened immediately.

“That awful woman!” he said heatedly. “She was working with Director Dovlo to drive me mad!”

“Quite right, quite right, but you can’t blame her too much,” Mr. Brempong said. “She was in love with the man, you know, and this Dovlo man lied to her that you’re a rapist. Dovlo told Joan Kankpe that you raped his wife and that you’ve been raping girls and getting away with it. Doctor Kankpe’s only daughter was raped and left traumatized many years ago, you know. You can understand her wrath when she heard that you’re a rapist from Dovlo. Plus Dovlo promised to marry her and make her assistant director and all, so she evidently went along with him.”

“Still doesn’t’ absolve her for doing anything like that!” Kofi said, shaking his head. “She could have hurt me badly.”

“Quite right, Kofi, but as it turned out, she’s the one responsible for exposing the murderous deeds of Bobo Dovlo,” Mr. Brempong said. “She got him to confess on video, and she brought his secret files too, detailing the number of atrocities he has committed, not only against you and this Baluu man you mentioned, but also against a lot of people he perceived as enemies. Director Bobo Dovlo is going to be in prison for a long, long time.”

“He is a real beast,” Kofi said and shuddered. “He deserves to be locked away.”
“Quite right, he does,” the man answered.

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