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Once Upon A Corper - Season 2 - Episode 4
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At the shrine…

The leader of the cult named Oluwo Ajana with some other member of his
cults were in the inner chamber of the shrine with the chief priest Falade.

Ajana: Falade, we have gotten to the point of action. Play your role.

Falade came closer to them, moved round the calabash in the middle of them
before reciting some Ifa pynagerics for some minutes.

Falade: May the gods help us.

Others: Ase! (Amen)
Falade: May peace get restored back to our land
Others: Ase (Amen)
Falade: Anybody caught, be it male or female shall be used for the final

Ajana: That is compulsory
Falade: May the gods be with us
They all marched out of the shrine, sprinkling water to the ground out of
the calabash in the hands being held by one of the occultic men. They are
instructed to rally round the town of Irewole up until the king’s palace
where they would round off the proceeding for the sacrifice.

Seyi’s POV

Here was the man to whom I travelled way over from Akwa ibom caught making
love to another woman! I almost fainted at the spot.

Dan! That was all I could say before I busted into tears. I couldn’t
believe what I was seeing with my two naked eyes! Daniel scrambled out of
bed. He was shocked. He never expected my visit.

Se…Se…Seyi. I can explain, He said soberly still unclad.

The pains was much. The hatred emanating from my heart at that moment could
bomb the Aso rock if it were a bomb. I looked up at Daniel and the girl who

covered herself up in a bed sheet then I run out with the door shut behind

At the scene, I got unconscious. I wished I had never risked my life to
travel down to Ogun. Lots of wishes wouldn’t stop popping up in my head but
if only wishes were horses, I wouldn’t have left Akwa ibom. I got to the
gate but realized it was locked but the landlord was still outside lying
down on the bench. I walked up to him so he could open the gate for me. Omo
mi, ile ti su… (my child, its dark already)
Baba, e jo e ba mi silekun (Baba, please help me to open the gate) But
Daniel dey house now.

I cut him off instantly
Please open the door! I barked at him It’s late and risky now my daughter.

Please open the door!
The landlord stood up shaggily and he managed to open the gate. I never
knew where I was going but leaving his house that moment was believed to
have ease the pain to an extent.

Ola’s POV

Getting to Ajegunle, the traffic there was unnecessarily hectic. What the
hell could be happening? I said angrily to myself after banging the
steering and honking the horn of the car to the crazy car owner in front of

We managed to put ourselves together until we got to tollgate. I can’t
continue this way. I swerved to the other side of the road, with just one
thing in mind, taking the shortcut through Irewole then get back on the
track to my destination.

Seyi’s POV

My heart was shattered. I kept walking to the end of Daniel’s street and I
still couldn’t pin point where exactly I was going to. I was walking
towards a TJunction when I heard this scary sound coming from no particular
direction. It was then my brain came back to life and could observe the
environment I was in. The streets was unnecessarily quiet and I didn’t know
what must have been happening. What’s the time sef? I checked my bag,
opened my purse then I brought out my phone. It was 11.49pm. I said to

How can I get to the nearest hotel here? I asked no one in particular. The
chief priest and the rest of the occult guys were busy chanting
incantations while some were singing in lower tones.

Falade was sprinkling the water from the calabash in his other hand when he
noticed a figure standing in the dark from afar.

Falade: Ifakunle!
Fakunle: Baba o
Falade: What am I seeing from here?

The rest of the gang looked towards the direction in where Falade was
pointing at.

Falade: Get it! Ifa had produced a sacrifice to cap up this rites.

The other guys each dropped the calabash in their hands then took to their
heels towards the figure.

Seyi’s POV

I was taking my phone back to the purse when I sighted some group of guys
in white running in my direction. The sight of their desperate chase after
me was a hint I got that something wasn’t right in the vicinity. A
sacrifice must have been done or about to be done here. I suspected. By the
time I had stopped contemplating the scene, the guys were already
fast-approaching me when I considered seeking an haven

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