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Once Upon A Corper - Season 2 - Episode 29
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As an OBS member, we were privileged (after some special arrangement as being made) to get everyone’s breakfast to the studio. After filling the book, I went to the studio to have my breakfast. I was standing close to where seyi sat down. The way she was sitting and eating indicates that she is not feeling too well at all. Within a minute or two, she rushed outside to vomit. I was looking through the window while I was still eating. Something pushed me from where I was standing so I rushed out to where she was. She was trying to vomit but nothing seems to come out of her throat and its making her weak. I held her to avoid her falling and before I know it, she slumped. With a speed of a superman, I backed her and started rushing to the camp clinic. Immediately I got to the clinic, a bed was arranged for her when they see how urgent and serious her illness was. I stood with her all through the stay of the doctor. The doctor told me to get her some food and water after she has been giving 2 injections. I rushed straight to Mamme market to get her a plate of white rice. Getting back to the clinic, I saw Dafe already with her. I fed her with the food but she was only able to eat just 4 spoons of the foods. I gave her the drugs the doctor asked me to give her after she has eaten. She tried to vomit it but I controlled her and she steadied her sitting position. Ruth, the phonetic girl in OBS is also some bed away from the bed Seyi was admitted. The trumpet was sounded for the morning lectures but am still here in the clinic sitting here with seyi, on behalf of the OBS Crew, time check 9.47am.

About an hour later, seyi woke up and requested she wants to urinate. I called the matron to come and remove the drip on her hands. After the drip has been removed, Busayo and I helped her to the toilet. I stood some distance away and took her back when she was through. Around 12.05pm, the next patient beside us requested she has to eat. The doctor begged me to assist her in getting her food at the mamee market. I was given a written note which I didn’t use at all because nobody stopped me on the way and none of the soldiers even mined me. Am back to the clinic by 12.20pm. Seyi was feeling much better. She put her head on my laps but the unfortunate scene happening in the clinic is the patients who are in pains as a result of finished drugs and un-equipped clinic.

It’s really so sad that the clinic provided to take care of over 2,000 corpers is not well equipped. The question is “Is it until a life is lost before we know the right thing to do? That is the condition we find ourselves in Nigeria, waiting to let things go worst before doing the right thing. I couldn’t withstand the crying of the patients any more so I rushed to the hostel to meet ugo who gave me N500 while Goddy also added N1000, I added N1500 to it to make it N3000. When I got back to the clinic, I called Mighty Mic to inform him about the emergency and what should be done. In less than a minute, he was here with the manager, Moses. I told them the situation on ground and how much I have been able to get. He requested to see the doctor and they both rushed to meet the pro of the camp. I was frustrated and sad to the extent that I started shedding tears. The girl was crying in pains and agony. Something has to be done very urgent. Like I said earlier, it’s not until a life is lost before we know the right thing to do.

Ugo called me to come back to the hostel which was unlike him. When I got there, he was set for the man’o war practice but his khaki trouser don tear for yansh. Funny guy! He is getting big everyday despite the condition in camp. (Laughs) I gave him my khaki trousers to wear before I returned to the clinic to meet Seyi. When it was 6.59pm, I was called that the dinner was ready so I left the clinic for the studio. Platoon 5 sef try. The jollof rice they cooked was still okay. Ekene called me that I had to participate in the evening show so that leaves me with no option. We had the show for 30 minutes before we round off. Dafe and precious will be anchoring the social night today according to the time table. I went back to the hostel to get my power bank and charger before heading back to the clinic. I asked Seyi what she will be eating so I could go and get it for her. She demanded for noodles and egg. Ella has been calling me to ask maybe we can see during the social night. I promised her I will call her. After getting the noodles at the mamee, I had to feed Seyi like a baby before I went fort the social night. I couldn’t cover the events as I wanted because Ella and I were just discussing all through the period the show was on. At 9.42pm, the show was off and every corper had to head to their various hostel. Ella and I walked back to the path leading to my hostel. She requested to read some of my books for the night since she was bored. I went to the hostel to get my blanket and the book and within 5 minutes, I was back to the clinic. I gave Seyi her medications while I still tried to convince her to eat a little but she refused. At 10.15pm, an emergency case was brought to the clinic as a girl was rushed in into the female ward. Later on, I discovered she was an asthma patient. Na wa o. After some minutes, the camp commandant came in. I was scared and was about to pee in my pants. He came with some of his escort. As usual, he was walking with his walking stick. He asked me what I was doing there and I explained the situation on ground to him. He told me to leave for my hostel immediately that I should leave her that the nurse would take care of her. I got to my hostel by 10.45pm. Landlord and his entourage were still up arguing about their yeye politics. It’s been a shocking and uneventful day. Sitting for over 10 hours at the clinic! All is well. Good night.

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