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Once Upon A Corper - Season 2 - Episode 18
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Ola’s POV

I was home watching a movie on my new phone when I had this urge to go and urinate outside. I turned to the backyard to urinate when I saw 4 bikes zoomed into the field where the election was being held. They started shooting radically towards anything in sight and I could see lots of casualties. I walked towards the scene the fastest way I could but I got there late. The gunmen had run away with the ballot boxes. I walked closer only to see Uche, F-jay and Seyi gasping for breath.

Jeez! They’ve been shot!
I ran close to them. I tried carrying Seyi and Fel altogether but I couldn’t carry any of them.

Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo. I cried till I felt a tap at my back then I opened my eyes.
F-Jay: What’s wrong Ola? You were shouting in your dreams
Ola: Fel, is that you?
F-Jay: Of course it’s me
Ola: Where is Seyi?
F-Jay: She’s inside sleeping
Ola: What about Uche?
F-Jay: Uche should be in his room
Then I sighs
F-Jay: Is everything alright dear?
Ola: Yea…sure I am fine
The next day (The Election Day)
It was already in the morning. The day the people of Uyo would decide who their governor would be. It was 7.05am. Seyi and Felicia were busy applying make up to their already beautiful face. They were almost set for the election.

Fel: Ola, hope the house won’t be boring to you.
Ola: Boring sha. Don’t worry. I will be fine. Is Uche still inside?
Seyi: The yeye boy just went out to have his bath now

Ola: wow! Let me see him then
Fel: You won’t meet us o. we are going already.
Seyi: Ola, (then she walks closer to him) please stay safe for me. (Then she hugs him)
Fel: Clears throat. It have do o. Seyi! Haba! Ola dear, we will soon get back (gave Ola a light hug too)
Then they both walked out…
Ola: if only they knew what was about to happen. Lord Jesus, guide and protect them for me.

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