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Once Upon A Corper - Season 2 - Episode 17
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Take him up! Ubong ordered Akpan who came immediately and took me up.

The two guys started dragging me back to the slaughter house.

Please remove this trap off my legs. I managed to plead.

What is the essence of the leg when only what we need is you’re your head and eyes?
Then I stylishly reduced the pace at which they carried me.

Ohhhh! Ubong said frustratingly. Akpan, drop him and remove the trap at once.

Akpan dropped me on the grass and bent down to remove the trap off my leg. The trap had cut me really deep. He was almost through with it when I groaned in pains. At long last, he finally did.

Carry him and let’s go. Baba must be waiting for us. Ubong ordered again.

Akpan bent down and lifted me on his back and he continued carrying me back to their den.

Little did they know my legs were healing automatically and they didn’t know what will befell them in a matter of minute

Seyi’s POV

I couldn’t believe he is going to sacrifice himself for me to live. He asked me to leave and start running to safety. I ran slowly amidst tears then I heard him groan in pains.
They must have gotten to him. I can’t leave him. I need to see what I can do to help him. I stopped in my tracks and started walking back slowly. I saw the guys backing him back to the shrine and my fears arouse again. Along the way, they stopped and removed the trap from his leg before continuing their journey again. Then Ola did the unthinkable!

Ola’s POV

We’ve just walked some minutes after the trap was removed from my now healed leg (unknowing to them) when I clutched my two arms round Akpan from the back, squeezing life out of him but unfortunately for me he screamed, alerting Ubong who was walking faster ahead of us.

Akpan! Ubong turned and started running back towards us. I was able to put Akpan in an unconscious state before Ubong came near. He was just some meters away when I dropped Akpan’s half dead body off me.
Your hands on your head right now! Ubong ordered

I bent down slowly trying to obey him as he had ordered.

Then he came closer, walking confidently towards me. Then from nowhere I saw Seyi with a stick appearing at his back unknowing to him then he hit the stick at the back of his head. As he tripped, I knocked him down with a spear which I know must have broken some of his ribs.

I rained some couple of punches on him for some minutes. When I discovered he was losing consciousness. Seyi and I left him and started running away.

Ola still managed to have some cash in his inner short. All our mobiles and money was taken away from us. When we got out of the bush, we busted into a village called Ikot Uboh. From Ikot Uboh, we found a bike that took us to the town and from there, we got a cab home. We got home around 8pm at night. Felicia was super worried because she was not able to get through to us since yesterday. When I finally explained everything to her, she was surprised.

That was divine intervention and a miraculous escape friend. This calls for celebration Ore mi. F-jay said
Yes o Ore mi. We need to celebrate but let’s finish off with this election tomorrow before we finally celebrate on Sunday.

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