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Once Upon A Corper - Season 2 - Episode 16
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Ubong: What? Am I seeing double? Udo, Akpan
Yes boss, Udo and Akpan came to meet him and they were shocked as well

Ubong: the two persons that was brought here? Who took them?

Udo: Boss man, I don’t know. We were both inside naa

Akpan: yes, we were both inside. They were here chained.

Ubong: How did he escape? Oh God
He walked inside to tell the herbalist and they both came out. The herbalist got to the spot in where the two were tied and he paused.
Herbalist: Am sure they were not tied very well. You better find them. They are the only thing needed to finish this sacrifice for chief. Find them else all that we have been doing since morning is as good as meaningless. Iko kiet ekem anie utong owo (A word is enough for a wise)
(He walks away angrily)

Ubong: Udo, Akpan, we are dead if we don’t find this people. Let’s go get them.

Seyi’s POV

Ola and I kept running inside the bush to nowhere exactly. It got to a point that I couldn’t run anymore. Ola stopped running. He came over to where I was panting heavily and backed me.

Common, we can’t afford to rest now. Let’s get out of here first. They might have discovered about our escape. He said.
I wondered how I narrowly escaped death. How did Ola get freed? How was he able to freed himself from the chains? There are lots of things I still need to know about this guy.
We kept moving while I was still being backed by Ola. I felt like a baby that moment and I wished this backing was in another situation entirely.

Arrrrhhhhgg! Ola screamed.

Then he dropped me instantly.

I bent down to examine what made him screamed but was shocked to see his left leg hooked in a local trap!

Somewhere in the bush!

Ubong and Akpan was running in no particular direction then they heard a scream.

That’s them. Ubong said
Yes. That must be them. Let’s follow this path.

Ubong and Akpan then raced to the path where the scream came from.

Ola’s POV

Oh God. I cried. My leg just got inside a local trap. Then I surveyed the environ we were. It’s a cassava farm. Oh God. The farmer might have planted those traps there to catch some bush meat but unfortunately I had fell into it.

The scream might have alerted the guys Seyi. You need to run. Run. I said

I can’t leave you here Seyi said amidst tears.
Oh God. What is it with woman and tears? I said within me.

Then I started hearing sounds of people running towards our direction.

Look, they are almost here. You need to get yourself to safety. I said again angrily.
Seyi had no choice than to start running looking back at interval.

Finally the two guys met me where I was whining in pains while holding my left leg.
Idiot! Look at you. You should have just waited and die like a man than ditching your legs into local traps. Ubong said and gave me a heavy blow in my stomach adding more to my pains.

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