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Once Upon A Corper - Season 2 - Episode 15
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Ola’s POV

I was still crying when I felt these guys coming out from the room dragging Seyi out. Oh God. Am I dreaming? Is she dead? I stopped crying so I could see clearly. The guys brought her to my side and tie her hands and legs again before taking their next victim, a pregnant woman inside again.

Seyi, seyi, I called her
Ola, Ola
What happened in there? I asked
I don’t know. I thought am dead. The only thing I heard was their leader telling them to take me out that I still need cleansing before I can be used.

Ola: it’s okay dear
Seyi: it’s not okay Ola. They are still coming for me. They are still coming for us.

I closed my eyes, seeking for my guardian angel to come to my aid. Then I saw him sitting on a stood watching me. I tried walking up to him but he signaled me to stop coming closer.

G.A: why are you looking for me for?
Ola: I need your help. I am in danger.
G.A: You should know what to do
Ola: Hmmm
G.A: But remember you can’t save everyone. Live to fight another day is the hallmark of a true fighter. Don’t try to play any trick or stints here.
Ola: How do you mean?

G.A: I know you very well. Ndi mkpa is a very powerful man and your powers can’t match him yet. Get yourself out of here before they come to take you in.

Ola: How do you mean I can’t match him yet? But I can’t watch him kill those kids. Those kids are innocent.

G.A: I know you are stubborn. Heed to warning because the path of you and Ndi mpka will cross again and by then you’ll conquer but right now, conjur your imaginative sense, free yourself from the chains and run. If you get into that room, you are gone. Go now.

Immediately, I opened my eyes. I closed my eyes again and imagined the chains off my hands and legs, instantly they fell down. I walked slowly to Seyi who was still looking at me with confusion in her face.

I’ll explain later but right now, we need to escape from here. I took her hands and we maneuvered our path through the bush path and took to our heels.

In the Slaughter’s room

After killing the victim and the boys are packing it in the basins, he turned to the boys.
Herbalist: so we have two more persons to finish the rituals for chief. Bring the young man while the young girl will be the last.
Ubong: ok baba. Let me go and bring him.

Ubong came outside and went to the backyard to pick Ola but was shocked when he couldn’t see the guy and the girl again

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