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Once Upon A Corper - Season 2 - Episode 10
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Ola’s POV

After a 12- hour drive, we finally got to Seyi’s destination. She stays along Okop Eto, Ikot Ekpene. I parked and we both alighted the car.

Felicia’s POV

It’s been seven hours now that I’ve been trying to get through to Seyi. Her two mobile numbers had been switched off and this got me worried. I would have called Daniel if only I had his mobile number but Seyi was hiding his number from me thinking I was going to steal his man. Laughs. Funny girl
I stepped out of my room to get airtime at Mama Nkechi’s shop just across the street when I saw Seyi coming down from a car which was parked in front of our house.
F-Jay! Seyi screamed while running towards me

I ran to join her embrace. I was shocked and never expected her back so early.
We unlocked ourselves from the hug while I examined her. I knew something wasn’t right.

Seyi Shay, what happened? Where are your bags and who is this prince charming behind you? Is this Daniel?

Then she busted into tears
I couldn’t understand why she did but I know she had some explanation to make.
I took her and the strange guy into our room and parlor apartment. After eating, Seyi explained everything to me and I was shocked to the bone marrow that she could escape death amidst the heartbreak Daniel made her passed through.
Thanks so much Mr. Ola. I never knew men as angelic as you do still exist. I am so grateful.
It’s okay Fel. I only did what I ought to have done. Ola said
No. Other guys out there might have taken advantage of her or something but you are different. I said

I was once a corp member like you guys. So I still have the blood of a corper in me. Ola said and we all laughed.

Ola’s POV

Felicia popularly known as F-Jay is a lovable person. Remember Hiro Nakaruma in the Heroes? Felicia was just an awesome being. She has the gift of attracting other people’s gift. She is a graphics designer and also into decorating and all sorts. Seyi and F-Jay really made me to spend more time in Akwa ibom. My plan was to leave the next day but Seyi fell sick and F-jay and I had to take her to the nearest hospital. During my stay with them, I have made new corp friends and my favorite among them was Uchenna. Somehow people though Uche and I were brothers because we looked alike but they never got know that we weren’t.
Back to the United States
Kim had arrived the state safely and resumed work immediately. Tracy and Wright on the other hand are waiting for me to finish off my leave and they couldn’t wait to have me back. Unknowing to me, my trip to Akwa ibom was another path to destruction which I never would have thought of.

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