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OJ(Olakunle Johnson) - Season 1 - Episode 9
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Stone bridge
Maximum security prison
Fear walked into th cell uninvited and held the inmates in a thight embrace,they had come to conclusion,’OJ was a mad man,a dangerous individual who didnt need a reason to take a life’

prison was different from outside world.
five days in prison and everyone maintained a safe distance from OJ in the opinion of the other prisoners,OJ was definitely possessed by evil spirits.his carriage and distance reminded of the undertaker,OJ wasnt in a hurry to make friends,he was too busy keeping to himself.he had to follow a routine even to have a shower,7:45AM,OJ walked out of his cell into the yard and then on his morning duties to maintain the lawn.his priate cell had been a form of protection from the other inmates but in the yard he was exposed.he had made his mind to get comfortable with his new life,and he was doing his best to adjust to it.

As he walked out of his cell,down the corridor and into the prison yard,he observed that people were in groups.

Most of the inmates had friends,individuals they could chat was at that point he realized that he couldnt remember having any felt wierd that the only memory in his head was how he destroyed his family,that wasnt even a memory,he learnt that from a video.he realized that he had the ability to learn things very fast,but couldnt remember anything from the past.
as he walked through the yard,he observed that so many people were looking at his direction.he tried very hard to pretend he wasnt bothered by their curious gaze.just as he was about to get swallowed by the thought that he would be a lone ranger in prison,someone walked up to him,he had an ijebu accent but loked like an igbo guy.he whispered’my name is opeyemi oladeji,but most people call me portable’

portable was about 5FT tall and wore a nice dark skin under a sparsely populated beard.his left eye seemed a little larger than his right eye and he had an unnerving dimple on his cheek.

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