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OJ(Olakunle Johnson) - Season 1 - Episode 8
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Olakunle had always tld her that family was the most importantthing.he was the only child of his father and mother.they never had prolonged quarrels and theya lways seemed to be very united.Aisha was confused,the man she love,whose children she wanted to bear was now responsible for the murder of his own family.Just as various thoughts struggled for attention in her head,there was a knock on the door.
“hold on,i am coming”she responded.she quickly wiped the tears that had found their ways to her eyes.she walked to the door,getting closer she asked,’who is there?’
“babe,open door,it is me sandra”came the voice from the otherside.
Aisha open the door to allow sandra in,sandra was aisha closest friend they had lived in the same neighboorhood for almost nine years.
“have you being crying”began sandra
she held aisha hand,then placed her hands on aisha face,looked into her eyes,then continued,”i know you love him and you are certain he didnt do it but he confessed and all the evidence pointed to him”

Aisha knew sandra was right but she couldnt let go.she had been in love with OJ for as long as she could remember.she looked at sandra and whispered”i love him,i know he is not a muderer,he didnt do it,i am sure of it”then she continued to cry.
sandra didnt think it was necessary to remind aisha that olakunle didnt recognise her.she understood there was definitely a rat somewhere,either OJ was pretending or he had lose his mind,either way she couldnt stand to see her friend suffer so much.
sandra stood to her fet and announced,”aisha,i am certain it would be very hard for you to let go,just know any decision you decide,i will always stand by you”she put her hand in the pocket of her jean trouser and brought out a sheet of paper then handed it over to aisha”olakunle has been transferred to this prison,you should go and visit him”
aisha stood to her feet and hug sandra and although she wasnt audible as she moved her lips one could make out the word ‘thank you’.

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