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OJ(Olakunle Johnson) - Season 1 - Episode 6
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Just before he placed a knock of the door,it flung open.

“welcome,please come in and have a seat”
Barrister jimoh offered the big man a little chitchat but he had no tlme fr small talks.

“we came to yu because we were told you are the best”began babs,his husky voice didnt struggle for attention,his big hat revealed just small portion of his face,he wore a scary looking leather wristband.babs never used more words than necessary and seemed to always look around as though he was being hunted by his own shadow.

Babs looked at the various awards that were hanging on th wall of the barristers office as though have won all those awards and was not able to keep a guy out of prison,he then continued”we paid you millions of naira but OJ is in prison”he stooped then waited for a response from the barrister.

Barrister jimoh was the head of the lawyers that represented olakunle in court.they had made intense efforts that the charges against him were dropped by the prosecutors.

However,it became difficult as soon as olakunle pleaded guilty and gave a vivid account of how he killed his father and two others.his account of the event was so vivid and worse still,he didnt think it was necessary to mention that he didnt remember why he did it.

Although Barrister imoh also felt olakunle was guilty as charged,he knew he had to think of getting him out of prison,especially since certain faceless indivduals with fat pockets were interested in ensuring that he was back in the streets.

Barrister jimoh however had questions and although he had agreed to a ‘need to know’ policy.he felt the need to know who he was dealling with.he no longer felt satisfied with working with clients that used fictious name like babs or an organisation that demended to remain unmentioned.

He needed an answers,so turning to the man with husky voice,he asked,’sincerly who are you,who are you people interested in olakunles case and why?’

Babs stood to his feet and looked at barrister jimoh in the eyes.

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