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OJ(Olakunle Johnson) - Season 1 - Episode 4
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A Request which he gladly obliged,and before he knew it,a crowd had thing he knew he landed in court where he was accused of attempted kidnapping.

Two years three months after that incident he was convicted yet he was one of the over 315 inmates awaiting trial behind the high walls of stone bridge seemed life in the prison had made emeka very religious.

OJ wore silence like a robe and looked intently into the emptiness outside,his silence scared his cell mates.the cellmates became tired of the deafening silence but it was mohammed that decided it was time to bully the new guy and although the other inmates objected.mohammed went on his plans,it was afterall,a prison tradition.

As he came closer,OJ turned in his direction,revealing the scar close to his left eye,without looking up to se their faces,OJ said in a cold loud voice’i destroyed my entire family in one night,i killed my father as though he is an animal’he spoke each word emphatically and deliberately.

After a short pause,OJ continued demonstrating everything he said,”first,i tied my father up and i stabbed him untill life left his body,i wasnt moved by his tears and i didnt need a reason for my action,i didnt think twice about it.i just felt like kiling him and i did”

Then he lifted his head,without slight hint of fear,looked into mohammed’s eyes,then he looked at other inmates one by a low voice he said”that night i butchered my father,i saw him beg fo death to come quickly,i dont give a d--n abut you guys,if you want to try me you better be ready”he paused briefly then continued”i will show you the grave in many different ways and ust before go,you will beg for death to come quickly”then he turned to gaze through the window,looking blankly into the emptiness outside as though he hadn’t spoken word.

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