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OJ(Olakunle Johnson) - Season 1 - Episode 2
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Mr warden wore anger o is face then yelled rheotically,’are you deaf?this is my prison,when i asked a question,i need an answer,is that clear?’.

The response was quick in unison’yes sir’
‘very good’

He announced the rest of the rules after which he bagan a roll call.he called each prisoner by name and allocated a cell.

‘Olakunle johnson’mr warden stopped and took a second look at the name,he whisperer to the hearing of those at the end of the all’this lost soul has serious issue’ then turn to olakunle,he announced in vernacular’oj you go stay for inside private cell,make you carry urself go aso rock’.then he gave a deafening grin,pleased with himself as though he had just won a prize.

OJ entered his cell resolve to accept all it offered-a cold floor,a hard bed and a horrible smell.he didnt bother to find out who had paid to have him in a private cell.

He thought to himself that if the private cell,a twelve square feet room occuied by ten inmates,is in such bad state,the general cell will be wors


The general cell would be worst.OJ walked to the far side of the cell and allowed his gaze to wonder through the tiny window of his small cell.there was some happening to him.his sense were hieghtened,he found himself processing information so fast,something was different but he couldn’t remember how he came to become that way.he wasnt in a hurry to speak a word not even hello to his cellmates.he needed sometime alone and although he is loking at life imprisonment to the crimes he had commited,it didnt seem long enough.’dem talk sayy that OJ guy don chop wicth’whisered mohammed in a strong hausa accent.

The other cell mates didnt grace mohammed with responce.

Mohammed was slim and tall,the scars on his hands,neck and face revealed that he had suffere many misfortunes.he looked gentle and calm but was betrayed by his quick tongue.mohammed had seen the inside of many prison and he always had a tale about them.

He walked up to OJ in an attempt to be friendly,he introduced himself.

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