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OJ(Olakunle Johnson) - Season 1 - Episode 19
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Babs paused and looked around the room.”certain individuals with power and fat pockets are working on a proect that could chang our lives as we know it,some things went wrong,and your fiancee was in the wrong place at the wrong time”he paused to ensure that he wasnt giving more information than she could handle.
he reached into the pocket of his jacket and pulled out an enveloe.he looked around as though he was checking out the room,he opened the envelope to reveal some pictures,aisha became speechless as she browsed through the photos.babs went on to tell her his plan to help OJ out of prison and why.

Aisha listened in silence as he went on about his plan,she was so convinced about the fact that he had thought things through.he paused to find ouy her agreement with his plan,she asked a question,”what makes you think that i would trust you”

babs just smiled then replied,”i trust you enough to tell you my plans and why i want to get your fiancee out of prison,sincerly,i dont think you have a choice”

Babs looked up to the clock that stood on the wall of the restaurant,it had ust struck 1:30PM,”your lunchbreak is over i guess you have to get back to the office and dont forget we have to act fast”he returned the pictures into the envelope and slipped it into his jacket then he stood up to was at that point that she realized ahe didnt know his name,”who are you?”she asked,he smiled,brought his lips closer to her ears then whispered,”my name is babalakin but most people call him babs”then he disappeared,lost in the crowd outside the restaurant.

Maixmum Security Prison
OJ had a legion of emotions as he went through the pictures and letter aisha had enclosed inthe envelope.

Although,he couldnt remember much about his past he was almost certain that there was a part of him that wasnt dangerous.he observed how happy he looked in the photos,he looked so harmless,aisha was so beautiful and the family picture looked so serene.

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