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OJ(Olakunle Johnson) - Season 1 - Episode 18
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Mama cass restaurant
It was already midday,time for her lunchbreak.Aisha wasnt hungry but she had to get something to eat.besides,she hadnt been able to concentrate at work and her productivity was begining to take a nosedive.she had always want to quit her job at global links but just like everyother person in her office,she was afraid of getting back into the labour market.

Although,she had more degre than a thermometer,she was sure that there were people like her still pushing papers waiting for phone to ring.she eventualy decided that she wouls have some eba and vegetable soup,so she wlked into the restaurant which was ust a short distance from her office.

“2 wraps of eba,3 meats and one bottle water”she made her order at the counter.

The sale attendant computed the cost of all she had bought and printed out a receipt,she put her hand into her bag and brought out some money,stretched it to the attendant,”you may keep the change”she said then she took her meal to eat quietly.

Just when it seemed like she had ben granted the peace she ao greatly desired,the shadow of a man fell on her.she hadnt looked up to see his face but could sense that he was a tal man,the size od his shoes was unusually large,his wristband was scary then came the voice,”helo aisha,can i join you?”

he didnt wait for reply and aisha was trying to recollect if she had met the stranger in the past.she didnt want to sound rude but she needed to know if they had met,”excuse me,do i know you?”she asked.babs was never in a hurry to introduce himself,in his line of business,it was important that he knew as much as he could about the target and they knew net to nothing about him.

he carefully brushed aside the question”olakunle was set up”he began
on hearing this,aisha gave him full attention.sensing that he had gotten her full attention,he continued,”i am not sure how you got to know the prison where he is being held but you have to be careful,you cant trust everyone in your life right now”

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