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OJ(Olakunle Johnson) - Season 1 - Episode 17
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OJ was told to plead innocent and say he was not in town at the time of the incident but his conscience played a fastone on him,the picture was in his head and so,he stood before the judge in a court full of witnesses to say he killed his father.he was surprised that the barrister could still come visit him after he had refused to take his advice.

“yes,i remember you”OJ replied
“well,mr olakunle ,i shouldnt remind you that you are here because you refused to listen to me”but before he completed his statement OJ interrupted,”wrong,i am here because i commited a crime and some crimes should not be forgotten.

“stop talking like that”hushed barrister jimoh”that kind of talk is what brought you here,now lets remain positive,i am here because i have being able to reopen the case in the supreme court in abuja,i have a plan and you would be out of prison if you…”

OJ became impatient,”listen,i am where i deserve to be,i dont know why you are so interested in getting me out but i want you to stop”

OJ continued”i want you to leave me alone,i dont deserved to be a freeman,i have sen what i can do,i am a dangerous man”
“i am not sure your friend will be happy about this”barrister began

OJ quickly interruted,”i dont know who you are talking about and i dont care”

OJ stood to his feet ready to leave and then one of the guards called out to him”OJ,you get message”he strecthed his hand to receive an envelope from the gaurd then asked”where is aisha?”

“dem say you no go see visitors again”
“WHY?”he enquired,”order from above”said the guard

“then how come you let this man in”he asked
“craze man,no be your lawyer?abi i do bad”the guard said and left

OJ stooped at the door but turned back to the barrister,he moved closer to him and wrote a name on a small paper that sat infront of the barrister,then he make a request”if you want us to work together,get intouch with this lady,get her to come and see me this friday”he didnt wait for a reply,he walked away leaving barrister jimoh alone.

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