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OJ(Olakunle Johnson) - Season 1 - Episode 15
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“Babs,who is the lady that visited NC14 in prison?”

babs paused for a few seconds thn answered,”his lover,she just showed up”

“this is non acceptable!”yelled the general,”you were suposed to ensure that nobody knows his wherabouts,how could you allow her to find him?”he demanded an explanation.

babs knew what he had to do,e also know that trying to give explantion would make him appear incompetent so he proffered a solution”i will ensure that nobody ever visited him”hoping that the suggestion would please the directors.”how do you intend to do this?”asked eric

just as he was about to respond,the general motioned that he should keep quiet,he stood to his feet,allow his mind to roam the various outcomes of her presence,he wanted to see if it would be beneficial to have her around,then he said,

“on a second thought,let us use his lover,she could be the only person that he truly trust,lets get her to work with us,can you handle this”general asked babs
“yes sir!”he responded.

Babs enquired futher”what do you mean by getting her to work with us?”

The general turned to eric and observed that he must have understood his pplan,he just smiled and eric answered babs question,”love is a powerful motivator,if we can get her to trust us,she could be our ally rather than a threat”
babs nodded in agreement.

The general affirmed what eric said,babs was not yet convinced that getting aisha to listen to him would be easy so he asked,”what if she refuses to work with us”

on hearing this,the general turned to face babs,held a curious gaze then answered,”she mustn’t,you must ensure that you are very persuasive”

hesitation showed weakness,so babs ensure he didnt hesitate”i will do just that,she would have no choice but to be on our side”

Maximum Security Prison
in prison,everyday seemed like the day before,OJ and portable had already become used to emeka’s morning prayers.initially it was quite annoying but as time went by. . .

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