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OJ(Olakunle Johnson) - Season 1 - Episode 14
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OJ had all the respect he needed but somehow still felt incomplete as though something was missing,unfortunately he couldnt remember what it was just then the public address system sounded,”OLAKUNLE JOHNSON,you have a visitor”he couldnt imagine who want to see him but out of curiousity he went into the visiting room.

he couldnt remember her name or who she was to him,but he felt he was supposed to know her.her beautiful brown eyes pierced through the glasses she wore,her voice vibrated through hid ears,her tears told a story and eventually OJ asked the most unexpected question.

“who are you?”
she could tell by the way he asked that he had no idea who she was,so she answere”kay,its me,Aisha,your fiancee”
“i dont have a fiancee,i dont remember having a fiancee,you should leave now and tell whoever sent you that i am a very dangerous person!”

Aisha had tears in her eyes,her voice become shaky and lost some distinctioness,”kay,you are not dangerous and you didnt kill your father”

OJ became surprised,she said it as though she knew what happened,there was so much certainty in her voice and her eyes showed him that she wanted him to believe her.unconsciously,he asked”what do you mean?”

Aisha looked into his eyes,removed her glasses and then continued,’i know you didnt kill your father because wt the time your father was murdered,you were with me,we were making love”

Fidling Research Holdlings
The directors of the FRH understood the sensitivty of the situation at hand.They took their seat around the beautifully designed mahogany that had a touch of hard glass on top.the general was seated at the far end of the table,eric was beside him and the other member of the board wanted to hear what babs had to say.babs was almost very certain that the directors,most especially the general would be displeased with his report.he stood before them not sure of what their net words would be.the silence was broken as eric asked the first question…

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