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OJ(Olakunle Johnson) - Season 1 - Episode 13
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“Good day sirs! NC14 was involved in a fight today”began babs

The air conditioning system was definitely working well,and the air freshners were really nice but they couldnt fake away the smell of dissappointment that filled the entire atmosphere,babs felt like he was about to suffocate in the stench.

“do we have visuals of the fight?”probed the general

His voice was so calm but with a faint hint of impending punishment.

“yes wa do”answered babs
he reached into his b----t pocket of his suit and walked to the flat screen tv at the end of the rom,inserted the flash drive and then played the fight from a huge screen

After watching the fight,there were mixed reactions by the man in the board room,then the general broke the silence with a question
“how soon before we get him aout of prison?”
“within three weeks sir!”babs replied,
the general continued,”you must continue to monitoe NC14,ensure that our inside man stays very close,and make sure he doesnt get into any more fights….”

The General continue”we dont want him to attract attention,besides,he is worth billons of naira and was made for more than prison fights”

Babs take a bow,it went better than he had anticipated.he pulled out his flash drive from the screen and then walked out of the room.

Ther were mixed reactions from the members of the board but the general didnt say a word,he had lots in his mind,he knew the next action to take but couldnt find the words to express his dissappointment in babs and how carelessness had cost the organization a great deal of embarrassment and money.

Maximum Security Prison
When OJ was put in prison,obody wanted to have anything to do with him.all the inates labelled him a violent derailed kiler,but five days one crippled prisoner,later everybody wanted to be his friend.OJ couldnt believe that causing another man pain would make him the most respected inmates,but,it was a position that many inmates would give their left arm to occupy.

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