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OJ(Olakunle Johnson) - Season 1 - Episode 12
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The General wore a consistent blank look,stood at about 6FT and was as dark as coal and he was slightly built.he spoke very few words and he was feared by most of the other directors at the FRH,and no one ever want to get on his bad side
Although the general called the shots,he always got a second opinion from one person-ERIC BALOGUN.He was one of the directors at FRH,small statured,dark hair and had a childish look that hid is years.

Eric had a flair for fashon and had an eye for details.He was one of the few individuals that the general ebdeavoured to trust.he had became a partner in the FRH as a result of his contributions to the researches.some peole whisered behind closed door that he would trade his life for the love of science.despite all thier idle never hindererd him from receiving awards and honors plus his ‘close relationship’ which the general gave him.

As the directors gathered for a was expected that babs would give a situation report about OJ.

As the directors gathered for a was expected babs would give information about OJ.
Although Babs feared the implication of his report,he knew it was better they heard it from him first.he walked in through the massive gate that protected the FRH building from an unauthorized entry,going through all the security checks,he drove straight down to the far eastern side of the ten hectare compoind.

He packed his car,then looked in the direction of the general parking space to see if his car was there,he could see a black chevrolet jeep,alloy rim,tinted glass,and looking really nice,although babs didnt recognize the car,he was certain that it belonged to th general,especially since nobody would dare park in the general parking space.he walked into the ain building,up the elevator and straight to the boardroom on the sixth floor.he held his heart in his hand as he walked into the presence of the eager members of the board.he cleared his throat and began….

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