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OJ(Olakunle Johnson) - Season 1 - Episode 11
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OJ repeated “i dont want to kill you today” but Eja was too drun with ego to hid the plea,he dealt the first blow and OJ was down on the ground.”get up you crazy b-----d! this is my prison!,fight me!”yelled Eja

OJ got to his feet and without a warning,he lounged a blow in eja’s belly.Eja bent in pain and OJ lifted his leg with the agility of a eteran marital artist,and landed a kick on ejas back aiming for his spinal cord,Eja fell to the ground with a broken spinal cord,totally unable to use his legs.The crowd that gathered to watch the fight had became silent and cold,they hadnt expect the fight to end so quickly and in favour of OJ.the only sound that was heard was the cry for order by the prison guards.they had come much too late.Eja had passed out from the pain.

The prison guards came to the yard with sticks and guns to disperse the crowd,eja was taken to a medical center.The inmates were immediately sent back to their cell.OJ,unshaken as though nothing happen.

OJ not only save portable,he also stole the spotlight and became the most feared inmate,the ‘don yaya’ of the prison,the big fish,portable became his number one fan,an untouchable,everything was begining to lock up but he felt something or someone was missing,unfortunately he didnt remember what or who it was.He had to put the pieces together but he didnt have an idea how to start .it felt so strange,he knew nothing about himself,he had no appeared as though his life began after he masscared his family
In the heart of lagos,certain individual with fat pockets and great ambitions were finding unauthorized reseaches because of their strong connections and influence in the had become very difficult for the authorities to stop them.time and again,the FRH had performed experiment that cause ripples in the society but they had always manage to clean up their tracks.the individual that called th shots in the FRH is called ‘THE GENERAL’

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